Where to find free Home Inspiration


You can spend a fortune on glossy magazines that show you how to make your home amazing. You could  go even further and employ an interior designer who could give your their view on how to make … [Continue reading]

3 Easy Ways to Work from Home

easy ways to work from home

Have you always loved the idea of waking up in the morning and not having to commute to work? Working from home allows you to do just that. The great thing about this is that with the high-speed … [Continue reading]

Selling Your House on a Budget: How to Sell and Save

selling your house on a budget

Anyone who's ever sold a house will know the process of actually doing so isn't easy. Unlike listing an item on eBay, putting up a brief description and watching people bid on it until it sells, the … [Continue reading]

The things you can do with kiwis


I was sent a gorgeous hamper with Zespri kiwis in and encouraged to experiment with them. Zespri Kiwi come in green or gold are grown sustainably and 100% organic. They are quality fruit. I was … [Continue reading]

Need to move due to separation or divorce ?


Sadly it is estimated 42% of marriages in the UK end in divorce. Many years ago when I was divorced, I had to move to a smaller house due to finances. At a time of great personal difficult moving … [Continue reading]

5 effective and simple ways to improve your kitchen

water bottle

My kitchen is the room I spend the most of my time in. I cook in there, help the kids do their homework in there, my little desk and files are in the corner of the kitchen and we spend many hours … [Continue reading]

Money saving tips for your car

money saving tips for your car

Running a car these days is far from cheap. You not only pay for the vehicle, but you also have to cover tons of other costs, these can include: car insurance, road tax, fuel, parking, road tax, MOT, … [Continue reading]

MandM fashion on a budget

blue trews

We have been reviewing some clothes from MandM direct this past week and I have say they are rather fabulous. Complete bargains too (you know how I love a bargain.) Sadly cheap clothes often mean … [Continue reading]

BRITA Fill&Go Bottle Review


I was delighted to be asked to undertake a Fill&Go Bottle Review from Brita. I had never heard of these before. The Fill&Go bottle is just the best new product we have tried in … [Continue reading]

Why is a personal loan better than a pay day loan?


I am a strong believer in saving, being thrifty and earning more when you need to, in order to avoid borrowing. But there are occasional times in most of our lives when we do need to borrow money. … [Continue reading]

Inside Out at the Disney Store


I haven't yet seen Inside Out Disney Pixar's latest smash hit movie but my son (age 11) has and he rates it as one of the best films EVER! He says it's really different, it makes you think and it is funny. I love that it is a film that … [Continue reading]

What you MUST consider when buying a house

consider when buying a house

We are thinking of moving. To be honest we have been for a while. My daughter is 8 and her bedroom is so tiny it literally just fits her bed and a desk. She needs to be able to have some space to play and a chest of drawers at the very least. I … [Continue reading]