Great value lipstick from the supermarket


I am always on the search for great value lipstick Asda have a new range of lipsticks out and sent me a few to try. First up was Smooch a lovely matte lipstick. Almost nude in colour I think it … [Continue reading]

Next Kids Fashion Summer 2014

neon next

This week  Lise  (age 6)  and I were invited along to Next HQ in Leicester with a bunch of other parenting bloggers (and what a lovely bunch they were!)  The reason being to take a look at their … [Continue reading]

Safety First: Preparing Your Car For An Easter Road Trip


This year thousands upon thousands of families are planning an Easter road trip. No matter whether you’re going on a boating trip or a caravanning holiday, you have to consider the essentials … [Continue reading]

Overcoming Poverty by Nelson Mandela

overcoming poverty by nelson mandela

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How to Control How to Heat your Home

How to control how you heat your home

I love to come home to a warm and cost home on a chilly day and when my kids come back from playing football in the rain I like to whizz them straight in the bath in a lovely warm house. Sometimes … [Continue reading]

What does the word thrifty mean to you?

What does the word thrifty mean to you

Being thrifty has so many connotations. To me the word thrifty means being smart, savvy and sensible. Being wise and not spending more than you have. Being careful so you are not in debt or … [Continue reading]

How Safe Is Your Area?

Whether you have lived in the same place for a number of years and intend to stay put, or are looking to up sticks to somewhere new it is always a good idea to get informed about the area in question. … [Continue reading]

Health Care In Australia

Piggy bank.

The fact we live here in the UK with a National Health Service is something I have taken for granted all my life.   And as a family we have had our share of its resources. My mum had several major … [Continue reading]

Are you Having a Night in with Macmillan on 16th May ?


It isn't often we are invited to have a night in eat drink and have fun for charity! Night In takes place on Friday 16th May and is simply about having fun with those close to you. The event asks … [Continue reading]

My Introduction to Beautiful Interiors


When I was in my teens Art was a major part of my life. I loved to paint and draw, to wander for hours around art exhibitions and read about artists. I took an A level in History of Art even … [Continue reading]

My Perfect Coffee Moment


I am a long time coffee drinker and I do like ‘good’ coffee. It is one of life’s absolute pleasures for me. I like to drink coffee after a good meal, outside a café in the sunshine, with friends,, with a great book and certainly with some … [Continue reading]

Money Problems According to Douglas Adams

Money problems

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Lovely personalised Father’s Day Gift Ideas

cheese board

Much as I love my hubby and want to celebrate his 'daddyness' I have to admit I usually struggle with buying lovely gifts for him for fathers day. In desperation last year I bought him a little bottle of whiskey which just didn't seem very … [Continue reading]

Good Old Fashioned Family Fun in Brighton


Brighton has long been associated with being a fun packed resort, even as far back as the 1800's when people from London would journey down to the coast and have fun at the seaside. You might have travelled to Brighton yourself as a child, enjoyed … [Continue reading]