What to do if you have a bad credit history

Do you have a bad credit history? Some people don't even know they have until they try and get a new credit card or attempt to borrow money. It's nothing to be embarrassed about very many people … [Continue reading]

Does disposable income actually still exist?

money tree

I have always known money does not grow on treese but I have been feeling quite significantly over the last few years that I have less money to spend on luxuries than ever before. Do you feel … [Continue reading]

What Every UK Airbnb Host Needs to Know About Insurance


Airbnb offers homeowners in the UK the opportunity to make some extra money by renting our their homes. It is actually a community marketplace where guests can book spaces from hosts, connecting … [Continue reading]

Life of a freelance translator


Guest post For the past couple of years, almost every day I come across people who ask me the exact same question, which also motivated me to write this article – ‘What’s it like being a freelance … [Continue reading]

You know you are a thrifty blogger when….

Piggy bank. 3d render

I have been a thrifty blogger since 2007. I have my UK parenting blog Baby Budgeting that talks about raising a young child on a budget. I have my Thrifty Home blog where I talk about interiors and … [Continue reading]

Who on earth is Sammy Screamer ?


So who on earth is Sammy Screamer? Well I'm delighted to tell you because I actually think Sammy Screamer is rather marvellous. Sammy Screamer is a device sold by BleepBleeps It is a little movement … [Continue reading]

4 Reasons To Buy An Electric Bike

reasons to buy an electric bike

Electric bikes have come a long way in the last ten years. Improved designs and technological advancements have led to sleeker models, hidden wiring and advanced electronics that allow the bike to … [Continue reading]

What would I spend a spare £100 on?

books from my childhood

I don't know about you but it is very rare I have £1oo to spare. It's quite tricky to think what I would spend it on if I didn't have to buy shoes or food or pay the bills. Hmm let me think? There … [Continue reading]

Metal detecting for kids


Oh I have always fancied doing a bit of metal detecting and fancy the idea of unearthing a wodge of treasure , a whole heap of gold coins to keep us in our old age. Wouldn't that be awesome! I was … [Continue reading]

Win £50 worth of photo frames from Best 4 Frames

photo frame

I love  to see family  photos on the walls of peoples homes...it is just the best kind of thrifty wall art I my opinion! I also love that people frame cards they have bought or those from someone … [Continue reading]

Easy to use voucher codes

voucher codes

Although it is easier for us to shop and may well tempt us to purchase more the internet also, undoubtedly, makes money saving easier. What did we do before voucher codes came into being online? We usually paid full price that's what! We would … [Continue reading]

Why You Should Hire an Insurance Agent

why you should hire an insurance agent

Having the correct insurance is crucial to keeping yourself and your assets protected. Many Americans simply don't have the coverage they need. For example, recent data shows that only 62 percent of Americans owned life insurance in 2013. Auto … [Continue reading]