What is negative equity?

3 £20 notes in a jar

Negative equity is a term that can cause some confusion. Here is an explanation of exactly what it means and whether it is something that you need to worry about. What Is Negative … [Continue reading]

Showering Saves Money

shower head

When I was a child we didn't have central heating. We used to feed our electricity meter with 50p pieces and it seemed to guzzle them up (or so my mums said.) We had an old boiler that took about 1 … [Continue reading]

Rainy Day Play on a Budget


When the weather turns grey and miserable, it becomes increasingly difficult to find ways of entertaining the kids. There seem to be so few options available, especially cheap ones. However, with a … [Continue reading]

Want to make big energy savings? Take the pledge today


With the Big Energy Saving Week set to take place between 20-24th October 2014, the energy saving trust are calling upon people to think more carefully about their energy consumption. So if you want … [Continue reading]

Bonfire Night Crafts


As well as the excitement of a huge bonfire, spectacular fireworks and delicious hot food, you can make the most out of the 5th November by spending some crafty time with your kids. Here are some … [Continue reading]

Saving Money By DIY

No-one in my family growing up ever did any DIY . We always lived in rented accommodation and maybe we weren't allowed. I am not sure really. My dad was not a practical man and my mum changed the … [Continue reading]

How to find the right career


I have been pondering how to find the right career for me. When I was young I trained a social worker and pretty much thought that is what I would always do as a career. Shortly after qualifying as … [Continue reading]

What I cannot bear to leave behind when holidaying in the UK

Wellies form Debenhams

I love to holiday in the UK because you can take as much luggage as you like (or that will fit in your car) rather than just a suitcase or two if flying abroad. There are just somethings I really … [Continue reading]

Frugal Fashion: Blanket Wraps

blanket wraps

It has been a while since I shared some frugal fashion hasn't it! Blanket wraps /capes/shawls/ponchos (they can't seem to make up it's mind) are a big style statement this Autumn and I have found … [Continue reading]

Hardwall Takker


So have you heard of the Hardwall Takker? If you haven't I reckon you will soon. If like me you are a little bit terrified of electrical gadgets this is a really nifty alternative.  You will … [Continue reading]

Buying a new car for your Family


I have had my little red Fiat Punto for 12 years now and to be honest it is on its last legs (or wheels) and I am on the lookout for my next car. I didn't pass my driving test till I was 31 and my Punto is my first car (well I did  have a Fiat Panda … [Continue reading]

Reining in costs during car ownership

There are many tricks and tips around that can help you save money when buying a car, but as modern technology advances, there is more to do than just look for the best deal from you local dealership. Today’s motoring is all about maximising … [Continue reading]

Parents look for Larger Homes to House Children Until Late 20’s

ladder heart

LetBritain, a brand new concept in online self-service letting, offers an interesting insight into the property market As first time buyers find it increasingly difficult and at times impossible to get a foot on the property ladder, research … [Continue reading]

Packing tips for family holidays to sunnier climes!

winter sun

Grab your flip flops, shades and a good book — it’s time to find some winter sun! Or, if you’re heading abroad with the kiddos, bring the sunscreen, goggles, flippers, sandals and stroller. And did I mention car seats? Packing for the whole … [Continue reading]