10 things you need to know about paternity leave


The impending arrival of a child is one of the most exciting times of your life, and one where the world seems to fly by in a haze. But it can also be one of the most financially stressful and … [Continue reading]

Understanding equity release – know your facts

Houses made of money

With mortgages extending into retirement, and the debt burden increasingly creating financial pressure in later life, the need to find a solution is a priority for many homeowners. Pension income … [Continue reading]

A Christmas gift guide for a tween boy

A Christmas gift guide for tween boys

My son is 10 and I have to say I find him increasingly tricky to buy for. He just seems to want £400 playstations and the like. So I have been scouring the internet and reviewing like crazy to bring … [Continue reading]

A Christmas Gift Guide for a 7 year old Girl

Christmas gift guide for a 7 year old girl

So just what do you buy a 7year old girl for Christmas? Well I have lots of ideas in this gift guide for a 7 year old girl and I hope someone of them inspire you! I think my daughter is going to … [Continue reading]

The (Surprisingly) Most Unwanted Christmas Presents

So what is the worst Christmas gift you have ever received? I can tell you mine without hesitation. A few years back my husband decided to buy us a joint gift for Christmas. Something we will … [Continue reading]

Why a forward contract could save you thousands


Transferring money abroad is something we will all do at one time or another, whether we’re on holiday, buying overseas property, retiring to sunnier climes, or sending money to friends and … [Continue reading]

All you need for a perfect wedding on a budget

The average wedding in the UK costs is around 25k according to Brides magazine* I know... it's a house deposit! ! I am guessing if you are on my site you are looking at ways to save money and … [Continue reading]

Christmas’s most popular gifts

Gone are the days when children were happy with a satsuma and a few nuts in their stockings and men and women were lucky if they received a hankie or a pair of socks. Christmas these days is big … [Continue reading]

Lovely things to see and do in Tenerife


So I have been to Lanzarote and to Fueteventura and I have been to Gran Canaria. I have never yet made it to Tenerife though and I long to. I have heard some lovely things about the place. Did you … [Continue reading]

10 good reasons to Christmas shop online

christmas eve

Over the last few years I have done more and more of my gift shopping online. In particular I have done more of my Christmas shop online.  It has many perks. Here are my top 10 reasons to Christmas … [Continue reading]

Brilliant beds for the smaller family home

I grew up in a two bedroom terrace and for many years I shared a bedroom with my sister. The bedroom was not very big and we had 2 single beds in there. There was no floor space to play games. I could hardly even get passed my sister's bed. Our … [Continue reading]

Multiple Drivers: Can This Reduce Your Households Car Expenditure?

driving tests

Having a family car to transport people from place to place is a very convenient and sensible option. Imagine transporting bags of grocery using public transportation or fetching 3 kids from different schools across town, a car would be essential to … [Continue reading]

How to Live Easily

1 degree

[Continue reading]

Gorgeous wedding accessories and gifts


Its many years now since I got married and I had the most delightful bridesmaids. My oldest friends. We were young and had no money however so they bought their own very simple dresses (form Top Shop) and apart from a big thank you I had no gifts for … [Continue reading]