5 things money-smart parents always do

money-smart parents

I know a fair few money smart parents and they all share these habits... 1. They teach their kids to have an attitude of gratitude . They encourage them to appreciate what they have and make use of … [Continue reading]

5 Must-Have Fashion Accessories for All Occasions

fashion accessories

If you're going to follow trends, you'll find yourself shopping all every season. This may be  great fun but  might not be that great for your finances. Although you can be a savvy shopper and find … [Continue reading]

A family day out at Conkers


On Saturday along with a lovely group of bloggers my little family went for a day out at Conkers in Leicestershire to take part in some BushCraft activities. We have been to Conkers before it … [Continue reading]

How and where to find high quality second hand clothes for your children


When it comes to shopping second hand, make sure you're making the most of your clothing budget, however big or small your brood. When you shop second hand, you free up your budget considerably - … [Continue reading]

How to prevent the summer slide

Tutorfair Website

Have you heard of the Summer Slide? The Summer Slide is a term coined by psychologist Harris Cooper, who found that US school children  'slide' in all subjects over the school summer holidays, by … [Continue reading]

How to prepare for the school summer holidays

prepared school holidays

The summer holidays are looming and you need to be prepared. In order to help you out some top parenting bloggers have pooled their thoughts on how best to be ready! 1. Stock up on batteries … [Continue reading]

4 Top Budget Entertainment, Shows and Concerts in the North of England


Whether you are a student looking to plan a budget vacation for your summers or a family who wants to benefit from maximum activities at an affordable price, budget entertainment options can be … [Continue reading]

Are teens responsible with their money?

Foresters_Savings_MAR 2015

It has been a while since I was a teen! But I do remember being responsible with money even then. I worked very hard on the weekends and during the holidays to afford a two week trip to Spain with my … [Continue reading]

How Hiive helps with work life balance


Balance feels lovely but oh, it is such a precious and delicate thing! Juggling my personal and professional life is not something I have achieved easily and some days it still goes right off … [Continue reading]

Homeware from Uganda at HomeSense


From 13th July, HomeSense will be selling a wide range of unique hand-crafted homeware from remote communities in Western Uganda.    This range is part of an initiative to help some of the most … [Continue reading]

How to find and maintain quality rugs

how to take care of quality rugs

Buying new rugs for your home starts with finding a design that suits your personal style and home decor. But there is nothing worse than getting your rug home only to have it start fraying and losing colour and texture soon after. To avoid having … [Continue reading]

The 7 main advantages of a roll up banner stands

banner stand

Roll up banner stands are a fabulous way to promote an event or a business and have many advantages over other types of promotion and advertising. Here why I think they are a great investment for any small business 1) Firstly, you can use … [Continue reading]