Celebrating 125 years of Boots


I live in Nottingham the home of Boots and it is a company dear to my heart. My great aunt was secretary to Lord Trent, head of Boots and grandson of the founder Jesse Boot. She was a very elegant … [Continue reading]

Household debt is rising – helpful tips to ease your personal debt

Houses made of money

A recent report has stated that the average household debt is set to grow to almost £10,000 by the end of 2016. While borrowers are feeling confident about being able to keep on top of their debts, … [Continue reading]

Digital free family fun

pool dining table

Andy Beresford is a vintage games expert and the director of an award winning non-digital games company Home Leisure Direct. In recent years he has witnessed a dramatic rise in sales of games for home … [Continue reading]

The weirdest thing that ever happened in my house

cat frog

This video from former British gas apprentice Sarah really made me laugh (and squirm a bit too) She is telling the story of the weirdest thing she ever saw whilst out on a visit, take look it is very … [Continue reading]

What are CHAPS Payments?

Money tree

I was listening to the budget yesterday and following what was going on via twitter and I really found quite a lot of it confusing and I write about personal finance every single day! Clearly many … [Continue reading]

Designer brands at frugal fashion prices


I love my kids to look nice and have fun outfits to wear but I always have an eye out for quality too and keeping the cost down. Recently I have been reviewing some clothes from MandM … [Continue reading]

Hair Thickening Products


Hair loss is a problem which not just affects a few but a large population including both men and women. The falling hair affects our confidence as well as our self -esteem greatly and are a cause of … [Continue reading]

How to save on fashion for the whole family

save money on fashion

Having a big family means that sometimes the budget can be tight. Things you could indulge in as a single woman or couple without children sometimes goes out the window. I recently wrote about why you … [Continue reading]

Easy Clean — Five Frugal Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean


Giving your home a thorough spring clean is the next best thing to a full redecoration: eliminating the clutter, swishing away the cobwebs and shaking off the dust can really show it off in its best … [Continue reading]

10 simple ways to save money when moving house

save money when moving house

My Online Estate Agent are an estate agent with a difference! They offer the same fully professional services as typical high street agents but instead of taking a large commission, they have a range … [Continue reading]

I Believe Travel is Education


A couple of years ago I took the children out of school to do a family review at Center Parcs. I had slight qualms about doing this, worried they may miss important stuff at school. This was before Department of Education made prohibitive rulings … [Continue reading]

3 Interesting ways to maximise your savings

interesting ways to maximise your savings

Do you save? How do you save there are so many ways aren't there? Someone I know put all their savings into one great painting. I rather love that idea. I have various means. I have a coin jar for pennies, a Terramundi for school summer holidays … [Continue reading]