Aldi’s new garden range


Aldi has a new watering and gardening maintenance range which goes into stores on 23rd April. The range (as you would expect form Aldi) is really good value. Here are my top picks from Aldi’s new … [Continue reading]

How to make fresh flowers last longer


I don't think I know anyone who doesn't like flowers in their garden or at the park and especially in their home. They just make homes look so fresh and beautiful don't they. We need to know how to … [Continue reading]

Where does your credit score come from?

Credit infographic final

Your credit report is a tool used by potential lenders to assist them in reaching a decision as to whether or not to accept your application for credit. The higher your credit score, the less risk … [Continue reading]

5 reasons why you should Spring Clean

infographic clean

Spring Cleaning Infographic from SpaceWays I know the very thought of Spring Cleaning can make people groan. Particularly if you have kids.  Particularly if your house is full of stuff and the … [Continue reading]

The pros and cons of a joint account – my story.


I have always been pretty independent in terms of my finances and form the time I went to University I have managed them by myself. My parents were not in the position to make many handouts and I … [Continue reading]

Better Health and Wealth – Five Great Habit Changes Towards Both

Better health and wealth

It doesn’t need to be a New Year’s resolution to kick-start a healthy eating, diet and exercise plan. If your ambition is to lose weight, stop smoking or to get more exercise, there are so many easy … [Continue reading]

How to Find the Best Home Broadband Provider for You

find the best home broadband

It’s never a bad time to reassess your home broadband provision. In such a competitive buyers’ market, the potential rewards are obvious: you could save money, improve your level of service, gain … [Continue reading]

Celebrating 125 years of Boots


I live in Nottingham the home of Boots and it is a company dear to my heart. My great aunt was secretary to Lord Trent, head of Boots and grandson of the founder Jesse Boot. She was a very elegant … [Continue reading]

Household debt is rising – helpful tips to ease your personal debt

helpful tips to ease your persoanl debt

A recent report has stated that the average household debt is set to grow to almost £10,000 by the end of 2016. While borrowers are feeling confident about being able to keep on top of their debts, … [Continue reading]

Digital free family fun

pool dining table

Andy Beresford is a vintage games expert and the director of an award winning non-digital games company Home Leisure Direct. In recent years he has witnessed a dramatic rise in sales of games for home … [Continue reading]

The weirdest thing that ever happened in my house

cat frog

This video from former British gas apprentice Sarah really made me laugh (and squirm a bit too) She is telling the story of the weirdest thing she ever saw whilst out on a visit, take look it is very odd! I think I would have fled ...all those … [Continue reading]

What are CHAPS Payments?

Money tree

I was listening to the budget yesterday and following what was going on via twitter and I really found quite a lot of it confusing and I write about personal finance every single day! Clearly many other people do too and I think that is actually … [Continue reading]