How Hiive helps with work life balance


Balance feels lovely but oh, it is such a precious and delicate thing! Juggling my personal and professional life is not something I have achieved easily and some days it still goes right off … [Continue reading]

Homeware from Uganda at HomeSense


From 13th July, HomeSense will be selling a wide range of unique hand-crafted homeware from remote communities in Western Uganda.    This range is part of an initiative to help some of the most … [Continue reading]

How to find and maintain quality rugs

how to take care of quality rugs

Buying new rugs for your home starts with finding a design that suits your personal style and home decor. But there is nothing worse than getting your rug home only to have it start fraying and losing … [Continue reading]

The 7 main advantages of a roll up banner stands

banner stand

Roll up banner stands are a fabulous way to promote an event or a business and have many advantages over other types of promotion and advertising. Here why I think they are a great investment … [Continue reading]

Jumbo Inflatable RC Minion

RC Inflatable Minion

We just adored Despicable Me and were totally enchanted by the daft little minions and always thought they should have a movie of their own. They clearly agreed! With the release of the eagerly … [Continue reading]

Beach Fashion


I have recently come back from the most gorgeous holiday in the Algarve. We had most glorious weather and really did spend most of out time in our swimsuits. The local beach was really close and my … [Continue reading]

Villa Henriques, Gale, Portugal


Last week we travelled to Portugal to stay in a beautiful villa called Villa Henriques in Gale. When I say beautiful, I really do mean beautiful. The villa was provided by Villas 4 You the … [Continue reading]

How to Keep Kids Safe Online and a Fab Competition

kids safe online

As a blogger I spend a large part of my working life in the internet. Despite being an experienced and  adult internet user I still sometimes open spam emails, follow links to random unintentional … [Continue reading]

Fintech in Europe – Robo-Advisors to Change the Landscape

fintech in Europe2

  Fintech across Europe has been growing rapidly and proving to be a strong element in not just the tech sector but across entire economies. The finance sector has been one area in which … [Continue reading]

RC Landrover Defender Toy Review

Landrover defender

Both of my kids love remote control cares and this RC Landrover Defender is a sturdy, easily controlled and manoeuvred beast!  The remote control Landrover Defender 1:16 scale comes with large … [Continue reading]

Super cinema savings all year


Oh I do love a good money saver and am so happy to introduce you to ... (drumroll please) has launched this fabulous new app to help budgeting families – Meerkat Movies. Meerkat Movies is giving families the chance to … [Continue reading]

How Solar Energy Can Save You Money


My electric bill is one of my biggest bills and seems to rise steadily. Asmuch as I try and pile on the extra jumpers, hang out the washing and use the slow cooker still the electricity bills do not seem to go down. How lovely it would be to almost … [Continue reading]