15 Reasons to Go All-Inclusive with the Family

  The idea of an all-inclusive holiday may sound to some like an extravagant affair, a privilege reserved only for those with bottomless pockets and a surplus of holiday time. However, … [Continue reading]

Strawberry Weetabix and Comic Relief

strawberry weetabix

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Why wasn't this ever done before? Strawberry weetabix is absolutely delicious!   You can find it on the shelves now and 5p from the sale of every pack goes to … [Continue reading]

5 ways to make money blogging

make money from your blog

I have been looking at a little article today on how to make money blogging over at Scottish Friendly and I thought what a great idea it was for an article. It's an area I get asked to talk about … [Continue reading]

Loans vs credit cards

Money tree

Credit card debts should always be paid off in the cheapest possible way and as quickly as is manageable. Some of the best ways of achieving financial freedom include taking out a low-cost loan or … [Continue reading]

Floor designs children will absolutely love


When I was a kid you were lucky to be allowed to blu tack a poster to the wall. I used to have my granny's old flowery curtains and a swirly brown and orange seventies carpet in my room. And that … [Continue reading]

Halloumi, Houmous and Roasted Pepper Wraps


One of my new years resolutions was to be come a better cook. I  have been avidly reading Delia's Vegetarian Collection and reading the very lovely foodie blog Life is Delicious And I have also … [Continue reading]

How to pick the perfect sofa

how to pick the perfect sofa

I have to be honest and admit that in the past I have been a  pretty boring sofa person. Well no perhaps boring ins not the right world. Our sofas are always bright red  and that is not a boring … [Continue reading]

Will Families Benefit the Most from Smart Meter Revolution?

Gaz & Leccy promo box graphic 281014

Most of us dread the appearance of the quarterly energy bill landing through the door, as more often than not, we don’t know what to expect. Energy costs are rising and it is extremely difficult to … [Continue reading]

Homemade Lavender and Coconut Milk Bath Soak

Lavender cocunut milk bath soak

Beauty care really doesn't have to cost a fortune. You can probably find exactly what you need in your store cupboard.  Some treats are not only extremely thrifty but also extremely simple and this … [Continue reading]

10 of the best ways to promote your blog

promote your blog

There are many ways to promote your blog.  I have been blogging for a number of years so have tried a fair few! I thought you might like to hear a few of my top tips and I would LOVE to hear yours … [Continue reading]

How to have a perfectly organised home

How to have a perfectly home organised home

I have been working in collaboration with Spaceways and between us I think we have come up with some brilliant home organisation tips. Here are 10 super useful ways to create  a perfectly home organised home 1. Filing systems are the way forwards: … [Continue reading]

Milk & Honey: A store cupboard face mask

milk honey facemask

I am a big believer in pampering yourself, taking a little time out of your busy life to take a deep breath relax and help yourself feel good. I love face masks they just  seem to put the zing back into your skin and help you look and feel … [Continue reading]