The Problem with Budgets …..

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A Brilliant Way for Busy Mums to Earn Some Extra Money.

The kids are back at school and hopefully you have a little bit more time to yourself? To be honest, I always feel a little lost when they go back. I’ve known many parents buy a pet to fill the … [Continue reading]

Three Energy Saving Technologies that will save your Home Money


 According to a recent report by the BBC, 2013 saw the highest levels of greenhouse gasses emitted into the atmosphere since 1984. This means that now, more than ever, it is essential that you’re … [Continue reading]

Introducing kids to British museums and galleries

SHOW.ME  is an awesome new website just designed to bring history alive for our kids. It is packed full of really interesting information and includes games, collections, videos, stories, homework … [Continue reading]

Great value themed birthday parties


I absolutely love Owls and I was so delighted to have an owl themed birthday party this year. I may be 43 but I still like a good old party tea with cakes and games thank you! I pretend I do it for … [Continue reading]

Fearne Cotton on protecting your savings


  Have you heard of the FSCS? I hadn't but actually they are really, really important. FSCS (the Financial Services Compensation Scheme ) has  just launched the ‘Protecting Your … [Continue reading]

How to prevent colours running in a mixed wash

colour and dirt

Prevention is better than a cure in many cases in life and when it comes to a washing colour run it is crucial! I have had some terrible washing disasters in my time.To be fair though I don't know … [Continue reading]

Dressing like an x factor judge on a budget

Mel B look on a budget

I am loving X factor so far this year. I do like Simon Cowell (who reminds me of a naughty school boy) and am loving the addition of Mel B and Cheryl (missing Gary a bit though.) So far my … [Continue reading]

Grown up kids cost their parent 2.7 Biliion this summer!


The bank of mum and dad picked up a 2.7 billion bill this past summer lending their 18-25 year olds an average of £31 a week. Gosh and I thought that would end when they were 18!  New research … [Continue reading]

Not overspending the budget

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Oh I have definitely experienced this a few times...anyone else have this problem   A quote from Keith Davis … [Continue reading]

Thoughts on the LeapReader from LeapFrog


Have you ever used  the LeapReader from LeapFrog? I highly recommend it. We used it when my daughter was in her early years of education and it really was an excellent  tool to help her learn to read and write. My daughter was … [Continue reading]

Cheap Holidays to Greece

Greek salad

Greece has something magical about it for me. I have been their only a few times but each time I have fallen in love with it a little more. Food is always of great importance to me on holiday. As a vegetarian I can find it tricky to eat abroad … [Continue reading]

The Safest and Most Cost Effective Vehicles in the World

In a world where the economy seems more changeable than the weather, people need to find as many places as they can to save a few pounds to make their lives more comfortable. One of the biggest costs in this country is transport. Firstly, the … [Continue reading]

Arts and Crafts on a budget


Our summer hads been filled with fun (obviously the odd squabble too.) As my kids have got older they spend more and more time playing with their friends and with each other, watching films, going on tablets  and relaxing with music. Sometimes I … [Continue reading]