Planning the perfect family holiday with the kids

perfect family holiday

One of the best things about being a parent is seeing the look on your child’s face when you tell them you’re going on holiday. Building sandcastles, eating ice creams and splashing about in the pool … [Continue reading]

How to tame your frizz


My hair is frizzy. My dad had very dark tight curls and my mum had thick flnme red hair. great hair genes to have you would think but sadly I got mousey brown wavy frizz. if I don't use conditioner … [Continue reading]


car key

Heading off to university often comes with a lot of costs. Not only do you have to think about accommodation, food, bills and books. But, you also have to consider if you can afford to bring and run … [Continue reading]

Work clothing and how it saves us money


Do you have a uniform or work clothes for your job? I've only had work uniforms twice. Once when working in a department store restaurant and once working as a care assistant in a nursing … [Continue reading]

How to find all the best UK sales


I  want to  tell you about a brilliant new site for all thrift lovers. It's called Love the Sales and it is hands down my favourite bargain site at the moment- it houses all the best UK sales. It is … [Continue reading]

The Queen of Hearts Cookie Company


The Queen of Hearts Cookie Company really do sell the prettiest biscuits in the world. I absolutely leapt at the opportunity to review them. We chose the golden bird Easter egg box to review and oh … [Continue reading]

Lego Arctic Outpost Review


My kids love Lego and until recently its been all about Lego Ninjago and Lego friends and not much shared interest. That is until they discovered Lego Arctic.   House of Fraser have … [Continue reading]

Lego Scooby Doo and an amazing competition

lego scooby

Lego Scooby Doo absolutely rocks. Both are big hits in our house separately and bring them together and well you have a winning combination. I absolutely adored Scooby when I was a kid and my kids … [Continue reading]

How to revamp your winter wardrobe on a budget

berry gillet

Now winter is well and truly on its way it’s time to revamp your wardrobe. When you’re on a budget this can be really tough as all those layers can be expensive. First things first, you’re going to … [Continue reading]

A Guide To Financial Planning For Normal People

financial planning guide

Financial planning is an important part of wealth building. Budgeting and finding ways to save money is one thing, but in order to secure the future that you want, you need to plan your finances and … [Continue reading]

Win an amazing Warner Bros toy basket

super hero

Summer is absolutely over and rainy September days are here and you may be at a loose end with the kids. No fear, I have some treats in-store for you today and ones your kids are bound to love. Create  you own super hero You and your kids can … [Continue reading]

Green Can Clean


Do you think a bit like me that green products may struggle to really clean your dishesand that you need strong chemical detergents to do the job? Well that is no longer a truism. I was sent some new, improved Ecover washing up liquid this … [Continue reading]