How to Get Your family Out and About on a Budget

It’s the middle of summer, so there is no excuse to spend evenings and weekends stuck in front of the TV. It’s not always easy to get your family out and about though, as many activities aren’t … [Continue reading]

Get kids crafting this summer with docrafts


Crafting is one of the most brilliant activities ever devised for kids. It uses their imagination, calms them down, helps develop their fine motr skills as well as their visualization and artistic … [Continue reading]

Memory Lane

Mecca challenged me to come up with some long forgotten childhood goes! 1.     Name your group of best friends during school – are you still friends? My best friends at school … [Continue reading]

Baby Vs Career

Oh it's a choice many women (and some men) have to face. I was very clear that i wanted to be home with my baby rather than out social working (it was a tad stressful!) but financially it wasn't an … [Continue reading]

Thrifty Old Aesop

Aesop thrifty quote

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Anyone for a sleepover?


So your child has asked for a sleepover for their birthday, for the first time ever – there’s really no need to panic, or to crave for the days when you invited their whole class to a local hall, … [Continue reading]

Summertime…a britmums carnival


I always lovely reading blogs best at Christmas and at summertime because the images shine out with colour, excitement and anticipation. The school holidays are almost upon us the flowers are blooming … [Continue reading]

Vtriker Elite Review


©UKayed. All rights reserved. We were recently sent this gorgeous vtriker elite scooter to review and I have to say it has been a big hit. My husband declared it very easy to assemble and it took … [Continue reading]

Charity shopping for children’s books

oxfam books

If you ask my kids why we should buy books formt he chairtuyshop they would tell you without hesistation (becuas e I have told them a million times. becuase ita win win win they would say... 1) you … [Continue reading]

Does shopping at fresh produce markets really save you money?


The cost of food has risen dramatically over the last few years and as a result there is an ongoing debate as to how people can reduce their shopping bills and save money. One headline that comes up … [Continue reading]

Interior designers


I do enjoy interior design magazine and often get hugely inspired by the gorgeous rooms I see.  I would quite happily spend hours browisng the se mags lost in a fantasy world of what my home could look like.I love nice things, beautiful environments … [Continue reading]

Free Bike Workshops for Kids at Halfords throughout August


Every Wednesdayduring August, Halfords is hosting a free bike workshop for kids across the UK at their local Halfords store.  Over 30,000 kids to date have benefitted from workshops that teach 7-11 year-olds the basics of things to check on their … [Continue reading]

Simple things you could do this week to make money

car boot

I often talk about saving money but sometimes we need to make money, extra money to help us out. It maybe we want a holiday or to throw a special party or new curtains even. It may be our boiler has broke, a pet is ill  and we have no insurance or … [Continue reading]

Post Baby Decluttering: What to Keep Hold Of

stripy maternity dress

When you’ve had a baby, it’s tempting to get rid of some of the things you’ve accumulated – any parent will agree that, once kids come along, the amount of stuff you have around the house will multiply incredibly quickly and, before you know … [Continue reading]