Top 10 Money Saving Resolutions for New Year 2013

Here are my top 10 money saving resolutions for New Year. If like me, despite your very best intentions you overspent on Christmas these may well help you out with your budgeting in 2013.

1. Write a meal plan. shop to the meal plan avoid food waste! I like to write it up on my fridge to keep me on track .

My shopping list by Organised Mum

2. Always look online for voucher codes ( I like  Voucher Codes and My Voucher Codes)

3. Use sites like flubit if time short to find you a better deal for you instead of having to look yourself. Simply enter the URL of the product you have found and they will find you a better deal.

4. Keep life simple  sell on old mobile phones, cameras, camcorder you do not need 2 of everything it creates clutter and instead you can release cash. Sites like music magpie, amazon and eBay are all well worth spending time learning how to use.

5. Get yourself a journal or notebook that is dedicated to your finances. Scraps of paper here and there don’t give it the priority it is worth. I really like the budget book from organised mum, as it has pockets for receipts and handy lists too. you might like a spread sheet or a simple ruled notebook. My mum used to use her filofax. Whatever works but do dedicate an area to recording your finances and keepit about you.


Budget Book by Organised Mum

6. Write down all your monthly incoming money, write down all youe outgoing essentials. What is left is your money to spend. Pay towards debts and ave a little first then allocate the rest. This will keep you inline. Check this regularly and update it.

7. Allocate a set time to money sorting perhaps 15 minutes each week. Diary this in so you ensure it happens. Use it to check your expenditure and deals with any bills.

8. Learn the art of saying NO. ( I have written about the art of assertively saying no before ) it can save you a fortune!

9.  Alter the simple things e.g cancel you r newspapers and catch up online instead and why not buy one cup coffee filters and a reusable l cup to save you a fortune on a ‘nice’ coffee on the go

Barista standard resuable cup

10. Last but not least remember that joy is found more in experiences than it is in possessions so long walks in crisp air, listening to music, a shared homemade pizza with friends will all bring you much more joy than a new top from the sales!

Have a great New Year, be orgainsed,  prepared and keep it simple and your budget should stay on track.

 Do you have any money saving resolutions for New Year?

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  1. Jenny paulin says:

    Thanks so much for this post it is so useful and seeing as though I must learn how to budget this year it contains sme great pointers.
    I wish you a happy and well budgeted new year :) xx
    Jenny paulin recently posted…To Make A New Years Resolution Or Not? This Is The Question – A Britmums CarnivalMy Profile

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