Home Makeover: Ideas for our Driveway

I always think saying you have a ‘driveway’ sounds very posh and grand and well (ahem) ours really isn’t. We have a block of straggly grass to one side, a fence that is just standing, a bit of concrete for me to park my Fiat Punto on. It’s not very grand is it. Oh nearly forgot I have two almost dead lavenders still sat out front in pots from last summer. The door is okay but could do with a very good clean. Sigh.

It is definately in need of a makeover.

Source: vi.sualize.us via Bijan on Pinterest


This driveway is rather lovely isn’t it? I love the curves and the neatness of the hedging. I actually like idea of tarmac ( take a look at CR MacDonald Pavers Birmingham who offer this service) it is long lasting durable and looks neat. I definately think our grass needs to go. It is both awkward to cut and sort of pointless really its such a small unseen area behind the fence.

I like the idea of a stepping stone pathway but what would blow my mind is to have an amazing porch. This one looks very loved and lived in but still really lovely. It would stretch our budget greatly to put a porch in but it would be so convenient.


I think flowers are a must outside of a house and essential to any makeover and along with giving our front door a really good clean I think a few new flowers are a priority. A hanging basket can really improve  a house front cheaply. I love the simple colours of this one.


It would be nice to have a warm and welcoming front. I also love the idea of a house name. When I was a little kids my best friend mum took the first 2 letters of each of her children’s name and that’s what she then named the house. This works if you have 4 kids but mine would end up being called Fran rather an odd name for a house don’t you think? I would like to call my house something like this ….


It does have 3 apple trees out the back but it is not remotely cottage-y so it really wouldn’t do. I will have to get thinking. I do like house names.

So there you have it a few ideas some do-able some not so do-able. I will be back with photos and a plan  at a later date.


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