Moving to New Zealand

If I could live anywhere I would live in New Zealand.

A while ago my husband and I really thought about where we wanted to raise our children. We had a bunch of criteria that really mattered to us. We wanted it to be safe and sunny above all things. I wanted it to be English speaking as words are how I make my living and I wanted it to be a relatively ‘westernised country.’

I like the idea of Canada because my experiences of visiting Canada are all good and the people I have met from them seem to have a great belief in equality. A generalisation I know but important to me and to raising my children.

We did some research on the internet and in terms of life quality both New Zealand and Canada rated highly as great places to live.

Cold winters are not my thing and I really, really don’t enjoy the snow. By default and because it looks so beautiful New Zealand really appeals to me. Most of it is near the coast and so it has largely mild temperatures.  It is a similar size to the UK but has only 4 million people living there so it is very uncrowded.


Photo Credit: Kangotraveler

I envision living in a glass walled house on a beach there writing as I watch my kid play in the sand below. Both J  , my husband and I would predominantly on the internet so moving out business would be  relatively simple. Most of my pays is through BACs and paypal so I would just need to set up an international bank account that we could access worldwide.

I already take payments in various currencies and I can set up an international bank account from the UK before we  leave here via a UK bank. Because we are both self employed I think the transition would be fairly smooth. We would certainly miss our family and friends but we would have each other  and that’s enough.

I think to bring children up in sunshine and in  a country with low levels of crime would just be lovely and I so love the idea of being near the coast.

We would need to look into visas but as a blogger and a website builder we do have the right jobs to work anywhere and it is just so appealing.

Oh wouldn’t it be lovely. Sunshine and being outside make us all so happy!



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