Catchem if You Can (A Lego City Story by Frankie aged 9)

This an original Lego City Story that invoves a bin, a spider and a fab police car chase!

It is amazing the hours of fun you can have with some Lego and a wonderful imagination. Take a look at this….

Catchem1, lego city story



The story and scenes were created by my son Frankie Hill (aged 9.)

With thanks to Carcraft who sent us the fab highspeed police chase set from Lego.

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  1. That’s fantastic! I’ll have to show my 8yo later!
    Grace recently posted…How do you know you are winning?My Profile

  2. notefromlapland says:

    Oh wow this is brilliant. What a super idea and really well done.

  3. That’s just brilliant well done Frankie. A fantastic and imaginative way to review them on the blog :)
    Amanda @gidders1 recently posted…I Love Mondays : Valentine EditionMy Profile

  4. Aah, that’s just brilliant, well done Frankie. Ruby and I have loved reading it. Ruby says her favourite part is when Mrs. Nickit fell into the dustbin!
    Jen recently posted…Style Statement: Stella and Dot Necklace Sanibel PendantMy Profile

  5. What a cool idea and a fab story, what did you use to make the storyboard Frankie? Mr G would love to do this! The bin head made me giggle!

  6. That’s really good, Frankie loved the spider. Well done

  7. Becky, this is fab. Well done Frankie.

  8. Congratulations Frankie, This is a very good story, exciting and funny too. I really enjoyed reading it.

  9. I loved the story, Frankie! We’ll done. I thought it was a great chase. The spider made me laugh! Now where did he come from?

  10. Dee Ripley says:

    Absolutely wonderful Frankie – well done! I just love reading it!

  11. That’s brilliant. I must get Z to have a go at making stories up, he never seems to know what to do with it after building. xx

    P.S Love the names.
    Emma recently posted…Living Arrows 4/52My Profile

  12. Frankie is obviously talented. My son makes Lego videos and wants to be a film maker :)

    The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover
    mellissa williams recently posted…What Something For Free? Sign Up To The Work PerkMy Profile

  13. Brilliant idea. He has a long and successful film career ahead of him! :)
    Alison Perry recently posted…My Name Is Alison… And I’m Addicted To My OnesieMy Profile

  14. What a great story and love the carton strip idea. Can’t beat a bit of Lego.
    Pinkoddy recently posted…Hearts & Flowers Home Made GiftMy Profile

  15. Ha! What a fab way of telling a tale!
    Mammasaurus recently posted…38. How Does Your Garden Grow?My Profile

  16. Stacey Corrin says:

    My not-so-secret inner geek is cheering at the awesomeness of this! I’m desperate for my children to get to this age, just so I can do things like this with them!!!
    Stacey Corrin recently posted…Love Hearts: Celebrating 60 Years of Spreading The LoveMy Profile

  17. Mummy Barrow says:



  18. Brilliant! Made me wonder if there was some animation site that my 6 year old could do similar with, but then again, I do value the memory on my computer somewhat, so maybe not! ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. You know I think this is BRILLIANT don’t you. Meant to comment a couple of days ago, but was on my iphone….. and now I finally can. Just LOVE this storytelling. So clever!

  20. LOVE this! What an imagination!
    Sonya Cisco recently posted…Not Ready To Loosen The Apron StringsMy Profile

  21. FanTAStic! Frankie has a brilliant imagination!
    MummyNeverSleeps recently posted…Social Media PariahMy Profile

  22. Mr and Mrs Nickit? Great character names!!
    Domestic Goddesque recently posted…{Review} Organic Children by Green PeopleMy Profile

  23. This could be the storyboard for the new Lego movie! What a fantastically creative child Frankie is!
    Kirsty recently posted…The Shape of My Heart Shape WalkMy Profile

  24. I love the way you shared this with us – I’m going to get my boys on their Police chases tonight!
    Anya from Older Single Mum and The Healer recently posted…The Road to Ruin.My Profile

  25. Brilliant! I love how Lego fires the imagination :)
    Michelle recently posted…Booze Free Dinner Party [BRITA Boost Challenge]My Profile

  26. It is fab Becky
    Jen aka The Mad House recently posted…Something for the weekend – Heart ActivitiesMy Profile

  27. Bless him – I’m sure my two would have some fun doing this with the amount of lego they have!
    Cass@frugalfamily recently posted…Five things I’ve done this week to save money….My Profile

  28. I LOVE this. Great story :) x
    Keri-Anne recently posted…Valentines sailing boats diyMy Profile

  29. Lovely idea, I do hope my son gets into Lego :)
    Sam @happyhomebird recently posted…Gardens on my travels – New ZealandMy Profile

  30. What a lovely story!
    Is spider a part of the set?
    Agata Pokutycka recently posted…UK Best Dog Walking Spots โ€“ Take The LeadMy Profile

  31. This is fantastic! Your son has a real talent. I’m also glad to see my camera is not the only one full up with Lego scenes! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Lucy Dorrington recently posted…Top Ten Tips for Fussy Eaters!My Profile

  32. Well done Frankie
    Jenny recently posted…Transition Tips: From Cot to BedMy Profile

  33. Fantastic story – well done Frankie!
    Vicky recently posted…Visit to Porchester castle: what’s the story?My Profile

  34. Haha what a fantastic story – love it when the bad guys get caught! x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…On a Wick and a Prayer Heart Candle: ReviewMy Profile

  35. oh this is adorable!! Love it, keep up the good work Frankie Hill (aged 9.)
    Ali at : recently posted…A passion for upcyclingMy Profile

  36. Fab! I do love how kids can use Lego to make up stories – Little Miss C already has some great plans for the Lego set we were sent.
    Penny Carr recently posted…Valentines Crafting with BostikMy Profile

  37. What a wonderful way to tell a story. Great post Becky, love it!
    Charly Dove recently posted…Butterflies in the GlasshouseMy Profile

  38. Oh that is SUPERB – really enjoyed that. He is VERY talented xx
    Liska @NewMumOnline recently posted…Wood Green Shopping City Was Opened by The Queen – The Photo GalleryMy Profile

  39. I love the way lego captures their imagination! We haven’t received ours yet!

  40. haha this is brilliant! x

  41. I LOVE the police trained spider!! Brilliant story :)
    Helen @ Peakle Pie recently posted…Happy 1st Birthday Peakle Pie!My Profile

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