5 Garden Party Ideas for Your Child’s Birthday

Some lovely garden party ideas for a child's birthday. Home is often the least stressful way to host a child's birthday party and the most thrifty way to throw a kids party

Deciding to have a garden party for your child depends on a few aspects such as the weather forecast, space available and amount of friends invited. The child’s age and interests must also be taken into consideration when deciding which type of party to organise.

Catering for an increased amount of children and keeping them entertained at the same time is a worry for parents. If struggling to come up with suitable arrangements, we have listed 5 ideas here that can help spark your imagination

Party Games – For younger children, then preparing party games is a great way to get the ball rolling. Traditional games such as pass the parcel, musical chairs and treasure hunts are good ways to keep kids entertained for less money. All Garden Fun does a huge range of games and toys for most ages as well as for groups of all sizes! More adventurous and messy games involving water or flour really appeal to kids and are much more suited for outdoors. For sportier children, consider football or cricket games if there is enough room.

Bouncy Castles – A popular way to occupy children of a wider age range is to hire a bouncy castle. They provide hours of fun for energetic youngsters to jump on, without much effort on your part. However, the bouncy castle needs to be pinned down securely in an appropriate position with safe accessibility at the front. Adult supervision must remain at all times over the bouncing area and also the inflation system around the back.

Garden Accessories – Outdoor activities are a good way to keep youngsters occupied at a party and can be used all year round also. Think in terms of climbing frames, playhouses, trampolines and swing sets. Party-themed decorations and balloons also provide a friendly backdrop for children to play in. I’ve always loved a nice swing, although it’d be much better to have one of these arbours instead to relax in myself!

Child Entertainers – Hiring a qualified child entertainer takes the stress away from organising a party and keeping the kids in line. Clowns and magicians, who are trained to deal with larger groups of children, are popular choices with parents. Many of them will offer face painting, entertaining jokes and hand out prizes too.

Overall – The key to a successful children’s outdoor party is to prepare well. Pick a suitable date for nice weather to avoid disappointment. You can never have too much help, so take any offers from friends or other parents to deal with receiving presents, taking jackets, preparing food, putting up decorations and doing toilet runs, etc. Creating a fun atmosphere and constant entertainment is important, but keeping the environment as safe as possible is imperative. Remember to take pictures of the special day to look back on in years to come.  



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  1. August 23, 2013 / 16:16

    Outdoor parties are great if the weather is nice, I love your ideas. For kids garden parties we always have a barbecue and serve burgers, and of course ice cream!

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