5 Get Well Gifts on a Budget

Here are some ideas for get well gifts that don’t cost much money (well not as much as sending flowers) but really show how much you care.

1. Flowers form the garden. My mums roses were big, fragrant  and old English. To see her arrive if I was ever ill clutching these gorgeous flowers would always make me happy

2. A home cooked meal is a great idea, taking around a big lasagne or a homemade apple pie that just needs warming through saves the poorly person time and are evidence of love and care.

Photo Credit: David Legget

A meal in a bag is also a nice idea; a french stick, a packet of spaghetti, block of cheese and a little bottle of sauce making a cheap cheerful and useful gift. You could also consider baking some biscuits or little cakes to take round.

3. Doing a few jobs such as an  ironing load or fetching some shopping may be the best gift you could give to someone who is unwell. Really insist you are happy to help and  suggest a few things you could do.

4. Some old paperbacks and a few of your well read magazines will go down a treat with someone who is stuck in the house, perhpas you could loan some feel good DVD’s too.

Photo credit: Listener42

5, Time. The gift of time is rare and precious and without cost completely. Give someone time to talk over their woes , tell them some gossip or share a joke or two and you will leave them feeling immensly richer.


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