5 ways to make a house more eco friendly

5 ways to make a house more eco friendly

It’s always on my mind that I should have a more eco friendly home and it’s time we actually took some steps towards making that happen.

I think it would be great if we could commit to these 5 changes over the next 2 years. Some are small and relatively inexpensive, some are bigger and more expensive. All of them are good steps in the right direction.

Water butts

For less than £30 you can get a brilliant water butt and rain diverter kit that channels all the rainwater that falls on the roof of your home directly into it. You can then use this for watering the garden. It both saves on your water bill and again uses only natural resources.


Solar panels

Solar panels have the dual benefit of saving you  and money and benefitting the environment. Because they harness the sun’s energy to create electricity they can save you hundreds of pound on electricity bills. Because the sun is a renewable energy source it spares the use of materials like coal and oil  which are being used up too fast and are not renewable.


Wooden flooring

Wood is also a renewable resource and old wooden floors can easily be recycled too, hence lots of environmental benefits. Engineered Wood Flooring comes with at least a ten-year warranty which make it a really sound investment too. 

Oak Flooring Suppliers – Flooring Cottage says

 …wood floors are good for the environment because they are sustainable. Managed forests are the places from where this wood is sourced and hence, it is now possible to make your floors look ravishing but not at the expense of the environment.


Draught excluding

Heating our homes is such a  massive energy drain and can be reduced if we try harder to eliminate drafts. Loft insulation and double glazing are expensive ways of tackling these problems initially (but reap their rewards long term.) Short term solutions such as draught excluding tape around the windows really help. Or you could make your own draught excluding snake, just stuff an old pair of tights like I did here to stop the warmth seeping out under your door.



Replacing our light bulbs with LED light bulbs.

LEDs last up to 35 times longer than a regular bulb and are cool to the touch so don’t use much energy at all. So you will save energy and money in the long term as well as reducing consumption and waste. LED bulbs are initially more expensive but a worthwhile investment on so many levels.LED bulbs

So 5 ways to make a house more eco friendly and none of them complicated really and all of them benefiting your budget as well as the environment.

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  1. January 13, 2017 / 18:35

    These are some awesome tips, great post! Solar Panels are a great idea another thing you could add to that to help save some money and the planet would be investing in a metal roof! They help save tons on heating and cooling expenses!

  2. June 20, 2017 / 09:46

    Great advice about LED light bulbs. In my country LED lights are now replacing ordinary light bulbs which I think is a good transition and cost less than previous expenses. Nice article and will recommend this to some of my friends.

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