A Month at David Lloyd (My Wellbeing Project)

The first step on my wellbeing project has to be to lose some weight and gain in fitness.

(Well actually lose a lot of weight and gain a lot of fitness.)

In the name of budgeting I  have often advised people to cancel their gym membership and embrace free exercise; walking, cycling and jogging. Gyms to me seemed to be an awful lot of money for a facility you may not use and for which a free or cheap replacement could easily be found.

In my more affluent past pre-kids I had gym memberships that I paid for long after my attendance dwindles.

However I am open minded and at a party recently an old friend convinced me her membership to David Lloyd provided her with:

a) Loads of variety in terms of exercise (not just tennis as I had thought)

b) Free childcare so she could exercise which was excellent

c) Excellent sport for the kids which actually saved her money

d) A social life

She found it really good value.

I was intrigued. My experience of gyms do not involve kids and I thought you would need someone to mind the kids so you could go…another reason why new parents should ditch the gym.


Maybe I needed to rethink this and trial a family friendly gym like David Lloyd.

I had a chat with my local David Lloyd and they were keen to prove why they are such a great family gym and offered me a month  complimentary membership to see what I thought.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

David Lloyd have a free open weekend this weekend. Why don’t you give them a call and see if you an have a look around

CALL 0845 124 0124

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