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This story has got me thinking about new and exciting ideas for me and my daughter.

After reading about Amelia Howarth, a 10-year-old girl who wrote to ScS head office to tell them how much she liked their adverts. How she acted them out in front of family and friends and went on to receive a chance from the company to go and watch behind the scenes and meet the star of the ads, Victoria. Well, the whole story had my head started swimming with ideas, as my daughter, Annalise, would have loved something like that.

The young girl really seemed to enjoy herself, saying: “I was really excited to visit the ScS store and meet Victoria from the ads. The whole day was really fantastic and I enjoyed meeting the nice people from ScS.” I suggested a similar idea to my daughter, and with a burst of excitement she was eager to do something along the same lines.  

Since Amelia took her brother William to the behind the scenes tour, I tried to get my son involved in our new project, however, there were a few grunts and groans, but Annalise couldn’t wait to get started so in the end it was just me and


We decided instead of re-enacting sofa adverts, we’d do one of Annalise’s favourite Disney movies, The Little Mermaid. To design the backdrop and props we raided the recycling box, where we managed to find plenty of cardboard. After I cut and stuck the pieces together, Annalise got started on her favourite bit – colouring in. I even picked up some cheap tubs of glitter which we glued onto rocks from the garden to set the magical underwater scenery, just remember to put down paper otherwise your hoover will be bombarded with glitter.

This idea was simple and cheap, perfect for rainy days inside the house. Even though it was only Annalise and I who did all the arts and crafts, when she put on her little performance it bought the whole family together.


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