Adult Micro Scooters you can try before you buy

Adult Micro Scooters you can try before you buy

Do you like the idea of an adult scooter but are just not sure if it would fit with your lifestyle or if you would get to grips with it. Are you worried you might waste your money?

As you know I am very budget concious and I always consider all new purchases really carefully. Micro have the most brilliant scooters my children have always used them and the quality and ease of use id brilliant. They woudl always be my scooter of choice.

They have, rather ingeniously come up with a fabulous scheme where you can try an adult scooter for 2 weeks before deciding if you want to buy one. And best of all you can trial it for free. This si a fabulous way to find out if scooting is for you and being really sure before you part with your hard earned cash and the scheme gets a huge thumbs up from Family Budgeting.

Here is how the scheme works – it is very simple

First of all you simply choose one of the adult scooters you wish to demo

It will be sent out to get 14 days to have a go and then it is collected. How simple is that!

I love to scoot with my kids, it is sociable, great exercise and very cool.

I love this scheme, it is always good to try before you buy but really we rarely get to trial things for more than a minute or two before parting with our money so this scheme is both unusual and brilliant.

Well done Micro!

Check out this fabulous  try before you buy scheme at Micro Scooters website.




Would you like to win a Barbour bag? In fact and Barbour International Chicane Holdall Bag in black?

I think this bag would just be absolutely perfect for travelling – a weekend away somewhere lovely perhaps? Or it would also make a pretty awesome sports bag, don’t you think?

Win a Barbour bag

This gorgous Barbour bag is A woven bag in black with two black woven carry handles and an adjustable woven carry strap.

It has a zip entry to the main large compartment with an antique gold coloured Barbour logo zipper and the signature Barbour International logo patch is on the front of the bag in black.

This bag measures approximately 15 inches in height, 17 inches in width and 7 inches in depth. 100% Nylon.

It is part of a brand new brand new collecf Barbour International Bags, Wallets, Belts And Accessories Available Live Online UK.

It is priced at £70.

The bag is from a lovely collection of Barbour Products available at Mainline Menswear

We are big fans of Mainline Menswear here at Family Budgeting they sell a fabulous range of men’s clothes and accessories and we are so excited to bring you this great competition.

As always you do have to be in it to win it so do enter the rafflecopter below and do tell your friends!

Wishing you the every best of luck!


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Oh I have tried so hard to have frugal days this week but it has not been very easy . It was my sons 13th birthday week and cakes and cards and wrapping and the like take their toll on purse strings!

However we tried to save as best we could:

    • My daughter made her own card
    • I used wrapping paper salvaged from my daughters birthday the week before
    • I bought books ‘as new’ rather than new from Amazon
    • My daughter made her brother a chocolate bark instead of us buying a birthday cake. Here is how she made it

  • He chose one friend for a very special day out rather than a party for 12 (like last year) this made huge savings

The little things as ever can really add up!

How do you save on birthdays?

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There are loads of ways to make money from home if you know how, so there is little wonder that a lot of people are turning to these methods to pick up a bit of extra cash. Trying to budget around bills and food shopping costs is becoming increasingly hard, so whether you are currently working or not, anything extra that can be picked up work wise is always a welcome addition. When most people think of making money from home, they often think about paid surveys, or things with very little yield, but now, there are loads of ways to actually make real money from home.


Online trading

Online trading can sound like a daunting task. Many people invest through stockbrokers or financial advisers, but with internet trading companies like CMC markets , you can easily sign up and get started from home. To trade online, you can either start with a lump sum or invest every month through a direct debit. Once you start becoming used to your trades and monitoring them, you shouldn’t find it hard to start turning a profit. Many people use online trading websites or apps to supplement their income.



Even if you are no literary genius, you can still make some money by writing online. There are a lot of broker websites that clients will use to source content for their blogs or websites, where they give clear instructions. When you sign up to a website like Textbroker or Great Content, you will be given the opportunity to write a sample article. When you have done this you will get a sample article to write. Once you have done this, you will have a grade assigned to you, and you can then go on to select jobs within that grade. Some articles can pay up to £20, and the great thing about using sites like this is once a client likes you, they are able to request you personally to write them articles in the future. This also pays a little bit better, and you can also haggle with them to get a better rate per word. It may not sound like a lot, but you can easily boost your income up to £200 a week by doing this.


Take pictures

You don’t need to be a photographer to make real money online. There may be many pictures that are on your phone that you have just taken because they looked pretty at the time. Many bloggers and people sourcing content for websites will need pictures sourced without having any royalty issues. There are websites like fotalia that will let you upload your pictures and then set a price for them. Again, it is a great way to supplement your income on a small scale, but you can do this with other ways to make money online, and end up making quite a substantial amount.

How to make real money from home


Paid surveys

Paid surveys used to be quite low paid, so it is no wonder that people have become less enchanted with them over the past few years. A lot of websites have taken this on board, and you can now make money and also get discount from things for doing surveys or simply just completing searches in a search engine.


Sell your space

There are lots of websites now like Airbnb where you can literally sell some space in your house. You do not have to sell your space constantly, you can register with Airbnb and just rent out your place when you are away on holiday yourself, which is a pretty clever way to make some money from basically nothing. It isn’t just bedrooms and houses that you can make money from. if you live in a busy city, the parking spaces outside of your house can also make you money. You can advertise online, and you can charge up to £20 a day for some spaces, especially if they are near towns or local train stations. Many people incur massive parking charges and are now looking to save money on this by getting a parking space in a residential street. All you need to do is advertise online and tell people how close you are to local amenities.



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Sardinia has the reputation of a glamorous Italian getaway, but even budget travellers will find plenty to see and do. Here are a few free things to get started with.

Hit the beach

The first thing to do in Sardinia also happens to be one of its biggest draws. Most visitors flock to Sardinia hoping to spend a good portion of time soaking up the Mediterranean sun on the island’s plentiful beaches. With over 1,000 kilometres of coastline, there are plenty of white and golden sandy beaches to explore. Whether you prefer beaches with a heaving social scene or your own little slice of island paradise, you’ll find somewhere to top up your tan free of charge.

Walk around Cagliari’s Old Town

Are you an art, architecture or history buff? Like seeing Florence, a visit to the Castello district in Cagliari is a must. A medieval wall encircles the district, and within these walls you’ll find cobble stoned streets and ruins dating back centuries. See highlights like the Jewish quarter, Viceroy Palace, and Lion’s Gate on your walking tour of this fascinating area. You may even spot local artisans hard at work in their workshops.

Visit a national park

Sardinia’s studded with natural parks, but one of the best is Molentargius – Salt Works Regional Nature Park. Positioned between Quartu Sant’Elena and Cagliari, the park covers over 1600 hectares of land and is one of the best places to spot the island’s staggering array of bird life. Pink flamingos are the most famous here. You’ll see hundreds of them as you stroll through the park’s grounds. However, there are also unusual species like the Swamp Chicken, various herons, and Kingfishers. Can’t get enough of bird life? Another great way to see sea birds is on the water. Discover everything about ferries from and to Sardinia here and you can combine travel with your hobby.

Attend a festival

Cultural celebrations take place in Sardinia throughout the calendar year, giving you the chance to view religious processions and colourful dances alike in the island’s towns and villages. One of the biggest is the celebration of Sant’Efisio, taking place on the 1st of May for a period of four days. Residents dress up in traditional clothing, often without shoes, to commemorate their Saint Efisio.

A visit to Sardinia doesn’t have to break the bank. By exploring its natural attractions and rich culture, you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday on a budget.