The law of supply and demand is one of the most basic principles and is something we all know and understand. Yet how often do we really take it into consideration when we make a purchase? By buying when demand is low, there are some massive savings to be made all around the house – here are six areas in which you should always try to buy out of season.

Money Saving Tips for Buying Out of Season

Central heating oil

With ongoing political uncertainty affecting global oil prices, we all know that the price of petrol, diesel and central heating oil can fluctuate wildly, and when it comes to home heating oil, there are seasonal variations too.

You can make some real savings by ordering a fuel delivery and filling up your oil tank while prices are low in the summer months. Even if it is not empty, it is worth getting a top-up at summer prices.


Household electrical

Surely televisions and refrigerators are not seasonal? The answer is yes – the Japanese financial year ends in March, which means the big name manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and Toshiba will be eager to get rid of as much inventory as they can in the early months of the year, to give those all important sales figures a final boost.

New models are typically introduced in May, so you will find retailers offering even bigger discounts on outgoing models to make room on the shop floor for the new range.



There are always bargains to be had when it comes to clothes shopping, if you shop smart. Make sure you buy at the end of the current season for the following year. For example, by February, most stores are clearing out their winter range ready for spring, so that is an ideal time to pick up an overcoat or a pair of winter boots ready for next year.


School Supplies

Before the kids even break up for the summer, the “back to school” advertising campaign gets underway. Ignore the hype, and only buy what is absolutely necessary. Then when they have returned to school in September, you can stock up on the more expensive bits and pieces like laptops, calculators and backpacks.


Home improvements

If you need to spend out on domestic improvements like carpeting and flooring, timing is key. Lots of people choose October or November to give the home a makeover before the holiday season, and then there is another peak as spring arrives and home owners embark on home improvement projects.

Target the trough between these peaks, though, and you can find some January bargains!


Garden Equipment

If your lawnmower struggles to complete one last summer, or your patio furniture is looking down at heel, don’t leave it till the following spring to replace them. DIY stores will be offering massive discounts in September and October as they desperately try to shift inventory to make way for their Christmas ranges. Bag a bargain and you will be all ready for the coming year.



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We have just come back from an amazing holiday and I want to share my top 5 thrifty travel tips from our trip with you.

5 thrifty travel tips

  1. We waited. We waited till 3 weeks before we wanted to go then searched for a last minute villa in Portugal. We saved nearly 80% that way and got our villa for around £400 as it was un-booked.
  2. We flew from a local airport. This saved us money on parking and petrol we were able to get a lift ( by offering to return the favour) and the fact we went on a very early flight meant we had almost an extra day of holiday!
  3.  I bought no new clothes. We had what we needed and buying new clothes for holidays is a bad habit I have got in to. No need at all they all get sun screen marked anyways!
  4.  We self catered. Meals out can cost up to £50 a pop adding huge amounts to holiday expenses…self catering is easier, cheaper and more flexible.
  5. Don’t take too much cash. I took way to  many euros and lost quite a bit switching hem back to pounds I really could have used my card more

Do you have any good travel tips? If so I would just LOVE to hear!

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Family dinners can be awkward – especially when, ahead of time, the people inviting you have emphasised how important the whole affair is. At the table, you could be uncertain what subjects to bring up for conversation and be nervous about the possibility of inadvertently putting a foot wrong in other areas… such as what you wear. Here is what you should consider when choosing your attire.


Resist putting on any t-shirts that show slogans

We’ve all seen them; many of us might even have some in our clothes drawers. What am I referring to? Those t-shirts emblazoned with words or letters that could look trendy to you, but would probably just baffle other people at the dinner table.

Maybe they could spend much of the dinner trying to figure out what ‘RADARTE’ is supposed to mean. Worse, the slogan ‘Karl is My Father’, which appeared on a dark shirt shown off by Kylie Jenner on Instagram not too long ago, could confuse your actual father if his name isn’t Karl. So, ditch the tees sporting such eccentric sayings and go for something more formal.


No, don’t wear that crop top

There are lots of crop tops that “walk the perfect line between chic and festive”, as Harper’s Bazaar phrases it. However, the website of this women’s fashion magazine insists: “Not even Taylor Swift would be so careless as to make this mistake.” So, if you’ve just donned a crop top, take some advice from the woman herself and “shake it off”.

Similar advice is given in an article titled ‘Twenty new rules of dining etiquette’ and published by The Telegraph. This advice explains that, while women “may allow their bare arms, shoulders and/or a modest portion of décolletage to be visible … exposed midriffs are strictly off-limits.”


Some special tips for men

A crucial family dinner calls not simply for men and women, but gentlemen and ladies. To look the part, women can wear pretty dresses, spruce up their hair and put on some make-up. Therefore, while men aren’t necessarily expected to arrive in dinner jackets, they should still put some careful thought to what clothes they will wear for the occasion.

In the previously mentioned article by The Telegraph, middle-aged and middle-class men are advised to “pass on the standard jeans/cords-shirt-and-sweater combination and consider the possibilities afforded by a jacket, or an informal suit.” A set of slim fit work pants from online clothes store Dickies Life could nicely complement that torso attire. Being wrinkle resistant, these pants can stay looking great even throughout a long and busy dinner.


Avoid clothes that immediately look very expensive

Perhaps the biggest problem with such clothes is that, if people get the impression that you are sufficiently wealthy to be able to afford them, they could decide to ask for various financial favours from you. If they don’t, they could still end up discussing your spending practices in a broader sense – and that subject wouldn’t be an ideal focus of dinner table chatting.



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If you’re struggling to find a job or can’t work at present, then the last thing you want to think about is undertaking a major home improvement project. However, keeping your home updated can make you feel good and keep your kids happy, too. If you want to make some simple renovations to your property while you’re unemployed, follow our tips.

Home improvement tips for unemployed parents

Invest in quality furniture

Although you’re likely to get a good deal by buying discounted furniture on eBay or at your local discount retailer, such products are usually cheap and very flimsily made. Instead of cutting corners and trying to save a couple of pounds, you should save up so that you can afford the very best products for your home. The furniture available at Direct Furniture Land, for example, is made from 100% solid oak and is designed to stand the test of time. While it may be more expensive to kit out your home with such furnishings in the short term, the long-term benefits make sense.



Let your kids take charge

If your children want to redecorate their bedrooms, then turn the process into a fun event and let them take charge of their design. Take them to your local hardware store to find the right paints, wallpaper and furnishings, and then use price comparison websites to make sure that you’ve found the very best deal for your money. Design Mom has put together some great tips for letting children decorate their own bedrooms, which includes narrowing down options but still letting the parents have the final say over important decisions.


Play around with what you already have

The chances are that you’ve already got a wide range of fixtures and fittings in your home, but that the items don’t seem to work well together anymore. If you have a side board or table that you’re sick of, then why not sand it down and give it a lick of paint to freshen it up? Alternatively, you could create new furniture from existing pieces, or use old curtains and clothes to create cushions and other accessories for your property. You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your home a new look – you just have to learn how to be creative!


Think practically

You may think that a new designer arm chair would finish of your room, but you need to think practically when it comes to new furniture – especially where children and pets are involved. Always analyse the impact that a new piece of furniture would have on your family, as well as your bank balance, and learn to make compromises along the way.


There you have it – some home improvement tips for unemployed parents. By taking the time to think about your new home improvement decisions before following them through, you’ll be able to save time, save money and create a home that’s welcoming, comfortable and keeps your children happy. Wherever you’re moving house or just looking to make some simple changes to what’s already there, good luck!


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How to have beautiful hair throughout your life

Despite having pretty hard to tame hair, I also know that when it looks good and is all freshly coloured and blow dried it can make me feel like a million dollars.

I suppose it is one of the first things people see and we also see every single time we look in a mirror. The options for style and colour are endless and our hair is probably one of the biggest fashion statements we make.

Keeping hair beautiful is important to many of us and so is being able to afford the upkeep.

How to have beautiful hair throughout your life

Young hair

For children  regular trims, not tying it too tightly and protection from sun damage is probably as much as you need to worry about. With my two kids I use a tangle teaser and as natural-as possible hair products and that’s all.

Teen hair

Ah the age of experimentation. I used all sorts of just terrible home products in my teens and once I even used a home chemical straightener that I left on way too long and lots of my hair fell out! I remember a home cap highlighter kit too and my hair was bleach damaged for a long time.

I would advise you encourage your teens to experiment with styles (you tube is just great for this. I would also encourage them to be  a little wary of colours and chemicals unless they have these done professionally or very carefully use good quality products at home!

Adult hair

When I worked and had no kids I had spare cash and regular trims, colours and blow-dry’s and I ate well and my hair was winning!

Along came kids and I would be swimming regularly without chance to wash my hair later, constantly in a rush, pulling my hair up tight, forgetting to condition it and having it cut once a year. Cheap but not healthy! As they have got older and my time has freed up but I remain cash poor.

Ageing hair

I  know that for many people age can bring about all sorts of upsets in regard to hair, dealing with a change in condition, thinning hair, grey hair, and hair loss can all be challenging and potentially very expensive. It is important to research our options for dealing with such issues carefully though.  Many people avoid even considering hair transplants going down the products/wigs route instead but it is well worth looking at FUE hair transplant cost. Treatment rather than ongoing maintenance can often work out better value.

For some brilliant tips on treating ageing hair well have a look here.


How’s your hair faring? Off to condition mine right now!