For better for worse: the annoying habits that will still get you after 20 years of marriage

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You’ve laughed, cried and argued and maybe even raised children together, and now you can’t imagine life without them. But from time to time, you’re bound to be driven just a little bit potty by your partner’s annoying habits, especially when they’re the same things they were guilty of when you first moved in together. Here are some common tendencies that certain men – no matter what their age – never seem to grow out of.

Leaving the toilet seat up

This one seems to rear its ugly head a little too often for our liking. And really, how hard is it to put the seat down when you’ve finished? Not at all, boys. Perhaps that’s why one survey found that women rated this as their second most annoying male habit.

Making unwanted noises

Snoring and farting in bed are two nasty quirks that can really get your goat. It’s hardly any wonder that some couples are choosing to get their eight hours of shut eye in separate rooms. If you’d still rather snuggle up, invest in earplugs or see a GP about the snoring, and meanwhile encourage your spouse to lay off the lamb bhunas.

Refusing to chuck away old clothes and shoes

It’s great to get the most out of your favourite clothes, but when there are more holes than fabric or they just don’t fit, it’s time to give them the boot. Unfortunately it seems that men are particularly coy when getting rid of items, even when they look like they’ve been plucked from the dustbin. For the sake of your sanity and marital relations, remove any offending pieces and gently encourage your spouse to invest in a pair of the fashionable men’s trainers from Isme

Leaving beard shavingsaround

A tidy house makes for a tidy mind, and both are quickly disrupted after he’s had a shave. It’s really no surprise that 18% of the women in the survey labelled this disgusting habit as their partner’s very worst messy trait. Put your foot down with this one – it’s unforgivable.


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