How to develop healthy self esteem in oursleves and our daughters

Learning how to develop healthy self esteem in ourselves and our daughters is such a crucial issue for parents. As women our self esteem and self image is constantly under attack.

According to The Dove Self-Esteem Fund, seven in 10 girls believe they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school and relationships with friends and family members.

Author Shivani Gupta has made it her mission to offer women and girls deeper healing and a chance to love themselves again. In her book “I Love Myself,” Shivani Gupta provides readers with a practical, yet inspirational resource and guide for girls and women to develop healthy self esteem and positive self-image. The book is designed as a tool to encourage self-love and includes constructive tips and tricks for achieving a healthy sense of self. Her is my interview with her.

I love myself, How to develop healthy self esteem

My interview with Shivani

1. Tell me a little about your book

The book is based on research of over 500 women and the work that I have done with women over the last 20 years and is presented as a pragmatic way to increase your self-esteem and self-worth.


2. Is this your first book?

No this is my 7th.  I love writing and sharing the journey of what I am experiencing with the intention of helping the reader.


3. What is your background?

I have a varied and interesting background.  Starting my career as an engineer in a male dominated world, I spent the first 10 years of my career in management roles in the corporate world.  After an epiphany in Nepal in 2002, I decided to quit and then start my own business wanting to create more passionate people around the globe.


4. Why do you think the book is necessary?

It is the most fundamental issue for women (and men) and we are not talking about it.  There is almost a put down of ‘oh, you love yourself do you?’  Our society cringes at the idea.  And hence this concept is so important to get out and for people to know that we all experience the downs of not loving ourselves and there is a way to change that through this book.


5. Why do you think self-esteem is such an issue for tweens?

It is most predominant in tweens.  In our focus groups, the largest gaps in self esteem especially physical/body image were large issues for tweens.  It is a time when so much is changing in your world and we end up questioning ‘who are we to love ourselves?’.  It is so important that a message like this gets out to younger people so we can work on it earlier in life as well as any other stage of life.


6. What are your five top tips?

1.       Learn to say I love myself to yourself in the mirror each day

2.       Forgive those around you if they didn’t meet your expectations

3.       Create supportive people (they can give you constructive feedback also but their intention is to support you)

4.       Find where you stopped loving yourself (an incident or person) and change that perspective

5.       Remember that to truly love others around you, you need to love yourself first!


7. What can a parent do, that will really help their children?

Parents can help by working on their love for themselves first before giving it out.  It’s very natural to love your kids but not so natural to love ourselves.  How can we expect that our children too can truly love if they don’t do it for themselves?  It’s a cycle that keeps repeating.  To break it,parents must learn to give love to themselves.


8. Where can we buy your book?

Also available on, Itunes Bookstore and Barnes and Noble



How to develop healthy self esteem in oursleves


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