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Being self employed I often worry about being ill unable to work.My mum and my grandndma both had breast cancer. I do think what if…..

With the news that 1 in 8 UK women have a lifetime risk of breast cancer*, Chartis Direct has experienced increased interest in its cancer insurance products WellWoman and CancerCare.

WellWoman is a unique insurance policy designed to give vital financial and emotional help when it is needed most, by delivering a cash payout on diagnosis of one of the seven female cancers**, which together account for 40% of cancers affecting women in the UK.

Swimming Instructor Sam, 38, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk benefitted from WellWoman when she was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. Have a listen to her story.

Amanda Evans, Spokesperson for WellWoman, says, “We think about the emotional
impact of cancer, but quite often it is the financial impact that we need extra help with, while undergoing treatment. Our cancer insurance products empower women like Sam by giving them extra money and choice at a time when they may feel most out of control. For a woman in her late 30’s, monthly premiums are asimilar price to a couple of magazines, but the policy gives huge reassurance.”

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