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When it comes to planning educational family days out the hassle-free lure of the cinema is an attractive proposition for parents, while the majority of kids are probably happy enough with a trip to the local park. But when there are lots of interesting and informative attractions up and down the country, it pays to plan a more unusual day out once in a while.

Educating your child and aiding their development is of the upmost importance even when they’re not at school. What’s more, you’ll probably learn a thing or two in the process! Here are some ideas for fun trips around the UK:

Shakespeare’s Houses and Gardens

The birthplace of William Shakespeare is bound to bring reading to life for the whole family. Along with visiting the place where the great man was born and grew up, visitors can also explore Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, a truly romantic location for parents, and Mary Arden’s Farm, featuring an abundance of nature trails, rare breed animals and fascinating wildlife – bound to entertain the kids! With Shakespeare’s Houses and Gardens Tickets easily available online at a discount, there are few reasons why you wouldn’t want to discover what made the world’s most famous playwright so great.

Longleat Safari Park

Even though Longleat Safari Park is a great opportunity for children to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most fascinating animals, there is also the chance to learn about why caring for our furry friends is so important.

Alongside parents, children can help zookeepers and handlers with day-to-day tasks such as looking after ferrets, guinea pigs and tortoises. But for youngsters that want a bit more excitement, the majestic lions and tigers will provide a jaw-dropping and eye-opening spectacle. On top of that, the whole family can walk next to wallabies and compare heights with a giraffe.

National Space Centre

The UK’s biggest attraction dedicated to space is an award winning facility, which provides hours of interactive discovery, educational fun and learning excitement. With six themed galleries including ‘Orbiting Earth’ and ‘Exploring the universe’, there is little danger of kids getting bored or restless. Situated in Leicester, the National Space Centre has everything a budding astronaut or prospective scientist could want from space rockets to satellites and capsules.

Deep Sea World

Another place where families can gaze at some of the most captivating creatures in existence, Deep Sea World is located just outside Edinburgh and features over 2,000 types of aquatic animals and marine life. Moreover, Scotland’s Shark Capital has one of the largest collections of sharp-toothed cartilaginous fishes in Europe. Beneath one of the longest underwater tunnels in the world, animals of the deep are brought to life, which is bound to intrigue every family member.

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