What is so great about Quorn

I have been vegetarian for 32 years and Quorn is a staple food in my life.

My kids have always been veggie and they love it too.  They have Quorn ham slices in their school pack up and the savoury eggs too, they love the burgers with apple chips and carrots for tea and Quorn sausages with mash too. Our Christmas dinner is always either a Quorn or nut roast.

It is such a versatile food, tasty, nutritious and full of protein.

I have recently started a healthy eating plan and have been recommended Quorn as a low fat, high protein idea to try in my food. Yes! So glad it was encouraged, any excuse to eat more of it.

Here is what I had for lunch today…

the many benefits of quorn

Doesn’t that just look delicious, it is Quorn ham, avocado, and egg salad. I’ll be running as fast as Mo in no time at this rate (ish)

I don’t think Quorn should just be saved for veggies though as it’s such a great value and healthy alternative to meat. I think it would be good for everyone to try. I once fed a group of builders doing our roof Quorn bacon sarnies (without mentioning they were veggie) and they were all declared delicious!

Why not find out more about Quorn on you tube








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