Have you had a work injury?

Have you had a work injury

Yesterday I was talking about my mum having a fall in an airport and how she could /should perhaps have made a claim. It’s easy to look at others and say what they should have done but oh!  it’s so much harder when it comes to yourself isn’t it?

I can’t give too many details  as I was a social worker and confidentiality was key to my job but I got  hurt at work. I think the fault lay not in the person who hurt me (at least that wasn’t their intent) but lack of current training meant my reactions were not as they should have been. I should have been able to avoid injury really but my training was out of date.

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What initially seemed liked a small work injury has given me problems now for 12 years. It eventually cost me that job and although work supported my transition to another department and whilst chairs etc. have been adjusted for me I was never guided towards making a claim, in fact I was subtly discouraged.

I have suffered pain, been stopped from doing activities, had days in bed, it has impacted my self employment and productivity and sometimes the pain has really been unbearable.

I would have used a claim to pay for a gym membership to keep my body in peak condition maybe a personal trainer to focus on that one area, for heat therapies and physio therapies and perhaps compensation for the pain I have had to endure and earning lost I could never have known such a seemingly small work event would have such a long lasting impact. It makes me sad to think about it, in many ways I just accepted it.

Retrospectively, I think I should have made a claim.




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