Home Makeover on a Budget: The Kitchen Part 2


Okay so after getting really down about my kitchen last week in part 1 of this makeover I now feel more optimistic. Craig (our lovely painter from Rumford Decorating) is booked in and we have chosen the paint.

I have my keywords for this room as Jen (LoveChicLiving)  taught me early on in this makeover process . My keywords are the words that represent what I want this room to be …they are space, calm,  organised, potential and fresh.

Kitchen words


Now I just need my plan of how to achieve them.

Creating a feeling of calm

The kitchen is where I spend  a huge amount of time so it needs to be serene. So much take place in here food, clothes washing, eating, working reading,  writing and drawing, So much life in my kitchen in order to cope with it I need the room to be calm For me that means neutral colours and calming space. So we decided on white and cream to give the room lots of light and calm,

We are having white blinds at the window and aim to have cream simple accessories throughout the kitchen.

Wilko Kitchen Storage Set Cream 5 Piece

5 piece metal Wilkinsons storage set £20

I feel happy and peaceful about this decision. I know that may sound odd but this has been a ‘headachy’ kind of room for me.I need this room to calm down.

Creating a feeling of space

in order to create a feeling of space in this room I need to clear the surfaces. Many of the appliances I have out were unused and can be sold or thrown or passed on. Decisions need to be made and then I can reclaim the space  giving me more work top and less visual clutter too. Decluttering the cupboards means I will now have room to store things I had been keeping out on the counters and hence more space is now available.

Keeping the table top and my desk clear will be  no mean feat but will make all the difference to how I feel. The key is to file it, deal with it, put it away in the right place  or throw it. I need to get busy.

Would you believe it Wilkinson’s even sell filing trays!

Fellowes Earth Series Multi-Shelf Letter Tray Black 25cm x 23cm x 37.5cm


Creating space will allows me to begin afresh each day whether cooking or working or  crafting with the kids so freeing up space is essential to unlocking the potential in the room and in us a s a family. My kitchen needs to be a creative place and I want it be a blank canvas form which art, good food, and creativity springs. When the kitchen is a complete mass of stuff on view I can’t see potential and it is hard to start being creative.

Creating a feeling of order

From the fridge to my paperwork to the medicine drawer this room completely lacked in order. I have now sat myself down with paper and pen and planned what will go in  each cupboard. It took all of 5 minutes but was time so well spent. It gave me a map of where everything should live.


Feeling Fresh.

There’s nothing like a really good clean to make a room feel fresh. Spangly and gorgeous new products help a great deal too. Our bread bin and rubbish bin and canisters all looked sorry for themselves and a bit rusty and my baking trays had many a tale to tell.


Pedal Bin Stainless Steel 30ltr

Wilkinsons 30ltr stainless steel pedal bin £19

We hadn’t replaced our dinner service or glasses since we got married nearly 10 years ago! Oh goodness and although the cutlery drawer bulged out overflowing we had about 2 teaspoons left, no salad server and a half metal fish slice. Time for a change. We also need to freshen up (replace) the sin bowl /drainer try – to be honest almost all of our kitchen accessories. Luckily we were sponsored by Wilkinson’s who sell absolutely everything you could ever want or need in a kitchen, even the lights and blinds!


So the final stage of our plan after a deep clean and re-oragnisation, intense decluttering  and then painting is to decide on how to revamp our kitchen with great quality good value products that will make a big difference. So off I go to do all the hard cleaning/decluttering work and I’ll be back with a shopping list and a mood board and to show you my newly organised cupboards next week !

See you soon  !




  1. June 7, 2013 / 11:49

    It’s a great way to tackle the space Becky. Deciding in advance what you want from the room is so important and mean you won’t go wrong when you’re choosing and selecting bits for the makeover. Good luck, can’t wait to see the end result.
    Jen recently posted…How to Get the Floor of your DreamsMy Profile

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