Home Security: The Basics

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The importance of keeping your home and family safe is a major priority for every parent. No one wants to find themselves in a situation where the security of their home has been compromised and things have been stolen or vandalized. However, there are plenty of ways that you can guarantee that safety of your property without investing in a costly security system or creating inconvenience for other family members.

The Exterior of Your Home

It’s important to understand the mindset of those who burgle houses to effectively protect your home against them. Thieves often target homes that have poorly lit exteriors and that look empty. It’s a good idea to invest in outdoor lighting that is sensor operated. This will allow you to easily see who is at the door or outside your property, even on dark winter evenings. It’s also advised that you keep the exterior of your property neat and free of clutter, so that potential intruders can easily be seen from the house. Police advise that homeowners keep their house number or name in plain view. This is so that emergency services can easily find your property if a situation occurs where the police have to be called.

Faking It

An easy and inexpensive way to deter burglars is to purchase a sign that says ‘beware of the dog’. Potential intruders will not want to risk entering a property when there is a guard dog. You don’t have buy the dog, just a sign that will makes your home an unattractive target for thieves. Another option is to purchase a sign that indicates that you have a security system or CCTV in operation, regardless of whether you do or not. You can also leave a couple of lights on in the house if you’re away for a significant period of time, to give the impression that you and your family are in residence. Burglars will usually avoid houses that are occupied.

beware of the dog

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Educating Other Family Members

It’s important to get children involved when it comes to home security. You don’t need to frighten them with tales of intruders, but if you all check the windows and doors together at night, you will educate them as to the importance of keeping the property secure. Police recommend that all windows and doors are equipped with adequate locks and catches to make entry to your property difficult for potential intruders. To find out more about the right locks for your windows and doors, contact a specialist provider like the Handle Store.

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