How to have beautiful hair throughout your life

How to have beautiful hair throughout your life

Despite having pretty hard to tame hair, I also know that when it looks good and is all freshly coloured and blow dried it can make me feel like a million dollars.

I suppose it is one of the first things people see and we also see every single time we look in a mirror. The options for style and colour are endless and our hair is probably one of the biggest fashion statements we make.

Keeping hair beautiful is important to many of us and so is being able to afford the upkeep.

How to have beautiful hair throughout your life

Young hair

For children  regular trims, not tying it too tightly and protection from sun damage is probably as much as you need to worry about. With my two kids I use a tangle teaser and as natural-as possible hair products and that’s all.

Teen hair

Ah the age of experimentation. I used all sorts of just terrible home products in my teens and once I even used a home chemical straightener that I left on way too long and lots of my hair fell out! I remember a home cap highlighter kit too and my hair was bleach damaged for a long time.

I would advise you encourage your teens to experiment with styles (you tube is just great for this. I would also encourage them to be  a little wary of colours and chemicals unless they have these done professionally or very carefully use good quality products at home!

Adult hair

When I worked and had no kids I had spare cash and regular trims, colours and blow-dry’s and I ate well and my hair was winning!

Along came kids and I would be swimming regularly without chance to wash my hair later, constantly in a rush, pulling my hair up tight, forgetting to condition it and having it cut once a year. Cheap but not healthy! As they have got older and my time has freed up but I remain cash poor.

Ageing hair

I  know that for many people age can bring about all sorts of upsets in regard to hair, dealing with a change in condition, thinning hair, grey hair, and hair loss can all be challenging and potentially very expensive. It is important to research our options for dealing with such issues carefully though.  Many people avoid even considering hair transplants going down the products/wigs route instead but it is well worth looking at FUE hair transplant cost. Treatment rather than ongoing maintenance can often work out better value.

For some brilliant tips on treating ageing hair well have a look here.


How’s your hair faring? Off to condition mine right now!




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