Innovative and Great Value Maternity Clothes

I have always been a big fan of innovative designs in fashion and dressing well is important to me. Being on a budget doesn’t change this, it just means I want to get excellent value for my budget.

When I was pregnant I was reluctant to spend much money on clothes as I knew they would be worn for only a limited amount of time but I did find it difficult when special occasions came along. I tried borrowing maternity clothes once or twice but no-ones bump seemed to have been quite the shape mine was. I felt enormous and uncomfortable towards the end of my pregnancy when I had a wedding to attend..I certainly dint need to look ‘wrong ‘ too I recall splashing out rather a large sum on a posh maternity frock I never wore again. What a waste. i think it is at Oxfam now.

However pregnancy is much more glam than it used to be back in the day and maternity wear improved year on year. I have to show you these Bibee dresses they are such a cool idea

Bibee Dresses is a mix and match wardrobe for pregnancy and breast-feeding. Dresses, dress-fronts (the Bibees!) and T-shirts are each sold separately, but coordinate to create a complete capsule wardrobe. What a very smart idea.

The Bibee Dress has a low scoop neckline, which sits underneath the bust. It can be worn over your favourite blouse, or teamed with any of the beautiful Bibees.Every Bibee attaches to every Bibee Dress. They are easy to remove and replace so each dress becomes  a totally different dress. So lots of looks with just one basic dress.

2-for-navy-package-300x300, great value maternity clothes

 Bibee Dresses are perfect for breastfeeding mums as the interchangeable Bibee system make sit really easy for you to access the breast. By carrying a  spare Bibee in their handbag mums can have a  a quick a change when clothes if clothes become milk stained. As a breast feeding mum I would have found that SO useful

The  Bibee Dress skims over lumps and bumps and hey are unique, easy to wear, versatile dresses which should see you through pregnancy and breastfeeding  and from causal to smart.

Now that’s good value.







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