My New Wellbeing Project.

Well as my regular readers will know I have just completed (along with a lot of most appreciated help) my home makeover on a budget. All in all this has taken about 9 months. I am moving on to an even more challenging project I am going to attempt to makeover me!

my wellbeing project


I want to look at making myself over (or improving myself  and my well being) in the following areas…

Physical Health

Self Development

Beauty & Fashion

I am excited about this.

I have definitely become fat and frumpy.

 me and Lisi

Such a gorgeous place but the hills defeated me!

I want my forties to be fit and fabulous instead.

My 30’s largely concentrated on being a mum and writing now and I slowly lost all my fitness. I feel a  pretty rubbish roile model. I want to add a spring back into my step and get back to the old me (but better.)

I don’t have fortunes to squander on teach whitening,  lipsocution and 6 months on a retreat so I am going to be looking at cost effective ways to achieve my aims and see what works for me and hope fully I’ll have loads of good tips for you too.

I will be trying lots of things from gyms to scooters to fancy makeup to homemade body scrubs. My eye will always be on good value.

I hope you will join me on this journey as I embark on my ‘Wellbeing Project.’



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  1. Becky
    September 27, 2013 / 16:58

    Thanks Amanda!

    • Becky
      September 27, 2013 / 17:11

      Thank you Chris !

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