The Perfect Christmas Gift for a Cupcake Maker

This lovely substantial  hardback cook book is just £14 from Parragon (£5 on Amazon at the moment) and it’s a pure delight.

It has very unusual cupcakes in it like mocktail and cocktail ones…yum…. Pina Colada cupcake anyone?

It also has a section on feisty flavours which includes coffee and doughnuts. Then they have a section entitled fun and frosted and some of these look absolutely amazing.. I think the popcorn ones are my favourite.

The next chapter is ‘scary cute’ which would just be perfect for Halloween. Squished Witch cupcake  sound delicious! In the final chapter we have ‘Hidden Surprises’ cupcakes  these include egg cupcakes and ice cream cone cupcakes.

How delicious, interesting and exciting do these all sound,

What a lovely gift Make, Bake, Cupcake! – Love Food (Cupcake Cookery) would make  for a bakjng friend



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