Review: Microwave Cooking Bags

microqave cooking bags

Quickasteam microwave cooking bags are brilliant, You simply bag up your veg and seal it and pop itint he microwave, Because you are steaming your veg it cooks super fast and retains both flavour and goodness.

I sometime s by bagged up veg for microwave steaming form the supermarket but DIY makes it much cheaper. These bags just cost a £1 for 25 regular or 15 large ones.

Now we are a vegetraian family but apparently you can cook ifsh and other meats this way too in just 2-4 minutes. The portatoes are doone in just 4 minutes which saves loads of time AND NO WASHING UP!

Excellent speed and health benefits . I wouldn’t use these all the time as they mean using extra packaging but a great solution for a parent in a hurry wanting to feed their family well.

They are a brand new creation from the people who brought you ‘Toastabags’ and
can be bought from


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  1. Numbers Ashley
    May 27, 2012 / 20:06

    How can i find more recipes similar to this?

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