Subbuteo – a game for footie fans of all ages!

I could not really understand why my hubby was so insistant that my son would LOVE Subbuteo.


When I said it was being sent for review he (my husband) got really excited and started chattering on about matches and tournamants and practicing for hours and real world cups being held and so on.

‘Hang on’ I said ‘I am sure it’s just a piece of cloth and some footie players that you have to flick to kick a little ball around’ ( well that’s what it seemed to be to me.) He looked at me disparagingly. ‘But its Subbuteo,’  he said  like I was from another planet. Turns out playng Subbuteo is one of those things almost all the men I know did as kids…. like a rite of passage. One by one I saw men start getting excited and reminiscing as Subboteo was mentioned..they can’t all have played it can they? Seems like it was the 80’s boys equivalent to the girls world head.


Frankie is 9 and was immediately entranced.

He spread the felt and the players out on his bedroom floor and he and his daddy were soon involved in some tactical match that seemed to last for  hours.



He packed it up and took it to his grandpas on the weekend where apparently they too played for hours.

He’s going draw up a league table for his teams apparently. He’s completely absorbed in his Subbuteo world. I can’t pretend to understand it but then I stand on the sidelines every week watching his team and I don’t get the fascination I just get frozen. But for footie lovers Subbeteo seems to be the game to have . It certainly seems to unite the generations!

I love that it folds up small back into it’s box. I love that you can buy other ‘real’ teams and expand the game. We are going to get him some refs for his stocking too!

A brilliant toy and one I think that will be long loved.

Subbuteo Football Set – Team Addition is £29.99 at Amazon

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