The David Lloyd Gym Review & Free Day Pass For You

My well  being project is going well!

So I  have now been going to David Lloyd gym for 2 weeks and I have lots to report.

Firstly I have lost 2lbs.


Not earth shattering i know but I haven’t started tackling my diet yet at all and it is a start so I am chuffed.

I met with a personal trainer for a gym induction and oh my goodness was that a revelation. I could barely do 10 minutes on the exercise bike..I was breathless and sweating. Way more unfit than I thought. I think this personal makeover is long overdue. My coach was lovely to me though, really constructive and supportive.


We talked about what exercise I do presently (nothing! I am embarrassed to say) and what my goals are (they are ambitious I want to lose about 86 lbs in total  I am now at 84. The only way is DOWN!  My BMI is 39.3 which is obese/morbidly obese so I need to get that right down too.

Okay then!

I felt ashamed by my lack of fitness how on earth have I got to this point. 9 years ago when I met my husband I was slim and healthy. Still that’s why I am doing this project and I will be fit and healthy again.

I think many women neglect themselves as a result of having kids and needing to earn money, there just isn’t much ME time left

I was feeling overwhelmed and little bit emotional but my instructor at David Lloyd encouraged me to focus and just fix small, achievable  goals.

We decided to aim for a 7lb loss in the first 4 weeks and to attempt to get into a dress one size lower than I am now. This felt really manageable and took some of the aggghhh feelings away.

He set me up with a simple routine (still exhausting ) and encouraged me to come 3 x per week. He showed me very clearly how to use the equipment and what to do. He was so positive and encouraging it got me over my wobbles.

I have been 6 times to the club in the last 2 weeks, 3 swimming and 3 to the gym. A chest infection and poorly great grandma impacted but that’s okay..that’s life I just need to do more this week and address my eating too.

I love the swimming at David Lloyd the pool is a good size and their is a recreation line  and speed defined lanes too. Children are always welcome. On the weekend the sun was shining and I sat outside on a lounger chatting to a school mum friend whilst Annalise played with her pals from school in the large outdoor pool for several hours. It was like being on holiday in Spain.


I also went in the jacuzzi and in the stream room so I am definitely making sure I have some relax and unwind time too. This has got to be just as important for my well being as exercise,

Our club has a lovely play area for the kids and a fab cafe with wifi, computers and a ton of healthy snacks. It really is a little world unto itself.

So far I am  impressed with my gym membership. I wish I had more time though to use it more  (but I am always wishing for more time!)


You can get a free day pass this October why not try it for yourself.





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  1. March 26, 2014 / 17:09

    Reading through this reminded me of my first days after I had enrolled at the gym. I huffed and puffed on the treadmill, feeling very unfit. I am glad I have made progress. I am not where I want to be, but I am not where I was. Keep going!

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