The ‘update a room’ for £50 challenge

Well I could not resist this challenge!  I was offered to take part in a Room for Improvement bloggers competition by Money Supermarket, which meant I was given £50 to see how I could improve a room of my house.

Our whole house makeover is well underway (thought slow!) but there wer other areas that still  looked ‘straggly ‘ An obviously neglected area was our hall particularly when you first come in. I dump laundry there waiting to go upstairs, the kids leave shoes, magazines, we dump our mail, keys . wallpaper! It’s a fiasco, there is way too much going on!

Hall area before

I want to be greeted by calm. uncluttered sereneness when I first walk in my door. The hall has to be a welcoming space that feels ordered too.

I just purchased 2 new items, a vintage style phone I had always wanted for £36.99 from


and a white frame I bought from The Range for £8.99 which I filled with pictures of people I love.


I always believe a room is best dressed with happy people and flowers so I spent the last £4 on some gorgeous white Lisisanthus to tie in with the new cream and white theme. So pretty.

I also had a big old declutter and I finally sorted that mail out and took the laundry away.

Are you ready….

Hall after

I am delighted with it. It  just shows what a little effort and a few key changes can do.

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