How to upcycle biscuit tins

upcycle biscuit tins

What is your favourite? I like a choccy digestive and a  hobnob and how about a good old choc chip cookie.

I do love my biscuits, particularly with a steaming hot cup of tea.

I have been scouring pinterest to find out how to upcycle biscuit tins.

My waist has gone to pot.

I have munched my way through a lot of biscuits recently. I just cannot seem to help myself.

Oh dear me!

In line with taking care of my waste as well as my waist I have been learning how to upcycle biscuit (and other) tins. Here  are the best of the ideas I have come across. I am definitely going to get some chalk paint and make some gift tins. If you find a good idea screeen shot that idea immediately. Save your upcycled biscuit tins in the kitchen and on the pc or they may be lost forever.


biscuit_box_table_3_kpzxu, upcycled biscut tins

Bench & Chairs

Credit :Dotcomgiftshop  Via becky Via Pinterest



Stationary Tubs

Credit: Dysfunctional Diva Via becky Via Pinterest

flower tins

Flower Tubs Via becky Via Pinterest

candle tins

Candle Jars Via becky Via Pinterest

chalkboard tin

Chalkboard Paint Gift Tin Via becky Via Pinterestupu

 Which one do you like best?



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