Virtual and Real Life Diet Clubs – which are the best value?

I have been to a diet club many times.

Sometimes I have stuck at it and lost weight and kept it off, other times I haven’t lasted a week.

But each time I have been to a real life club. The meeting times have been around the children’s bedtimes and the meetings can go on for hours. They are expensive (often very boring) so boring that many times I would check in and get weighted and leave before class started. An expensive step on the scales.

Over at The UK diet company you can find an enormous food diary which stores over 100,000 foods with pictures in its database to help club members track what they have eaten. They also have live club weigh ins online so you can see how other members are doing and animations so it feels like a real diet club. They also have bar code scanning apps so you can track your food diary and online forums that are friendly and motivating and customer care support. The site is full of glowing testimonials. At about £1.70 per week it is considerably cheaper than its non virtual real life equivalents.

Hmm maybe their is something in virtual dieting after all.

I have been to real life expensive exercise classes too and booked a course, then not turned up because one of the kids got sick or because my husband was late home or because I wasn’t in the mood. Money down the drain. My £2 Davina exercise DVD for m the car boot sale is always available, I don’t need to leave this house to do it and I can do it 4 x a week if I so desire at no extra cost (believe me this is VERY unusual)

I guess that Davina and a virtual diet club can’t look at me disapprovingly if I don’t show up and stick to the plan but actually that has never really helped motivate me. If i think someone will disapprove it discourages me from going and I tend to quit.

It is certainly more cost effective to diet online and work out at home  but do we need other people in real life  to encourage us.

I would be interested to know what you think?





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