What driving habits annoy you most?


It took me 5 driving tests and 16 years to pass my driving test. To this day I have never driven on a ring road, parked in a  multi story or driven on the motorway. I am such a rule abiding but still anxious driver. I only have an automatic license  so I only drive my own car and I have just the one car which I have now had for 11 years.

Not a driving expert you can probably tell and probably unusual in my caution. But honestly? I see so much bad driving it scares me. The things I dislike most are:

1) Someone sitting right on my tail. This makes me nervous and is downright dangerous. I always check I am on speed which I usually am they are just being impatient and it isn’t worth it. I usually pull over when safe to do so and let them pass. It makes me feel so pressured.

2) Cyclists who weave in and out  when you are at traffic lights. Just no!

3) People talking on mobile phones when driving. You cannot concentrate as well on driving if you are concentrating on holding an object and talking. You can’t. Stop it.

4) Not signalling in time: sudden swerves are really dangerous, let those behind you know what is happening.

5) Running an island. I think of island’s a bit like I do queuing, they only work if people have manners and patience.

Check out this video from over at Money Barn on the most annoying driving habits

Shocking isn’t it

So many near misses and such bad driving. I see it every day and i only drive about 20 minutes a day!

My husband’s top pet hates are people going slow in the fast lane and those not going to the speed limit.

Any others I asked? I have loads he said…most drivers do.

Most won’t however look at and change their own bad habits, just point out other peoples instead. We do need to look at our own driving.

All us drivers need to be:



rule abiding



We owe it to ourselves and each other. After all we are in charge of a potentially very dangerous object.  We need to kick those bad habits to the curb.

What are the driving habits that annoy you most? and what are your own bad habits?

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