Where do you dream of going to on a family holiday?

I would love to go on family holidays with Mahlatini.com and experience a safari. I don’t like zoos and as a family we don’t go to them yet we all love wild animals and I would love my children to be able to see them wild and free. Listen to this from Mahlatini’s website:

A safari can be an unforgettable family holiday because not only will
children will be exposed to incredible wildlife but also a vastly different
culture, allowing for a fun and educational experience. And a safari is
something parents can enjoy too!

What could be more exciting to a child than stroking a baby elephant, feeding
giraffes or discovering a lion in the wild? Imagine your children seeing a
magnificent Maasai warrior for the first time or learning to make a fire from
wood and stone!


I do think this would be my dream holiday with my kids. My little boy would be in heaven . He has been collecting animals since her was tiny and has always loved the wild animals mostand he has never ever seen them in the flesh.

I would also love to go to Montana and ride horses under the Big Sky but for some reason that’s a dream I would like to do all by myself. I have wanted to do this for years. I almost bought a shack there once yet i have never been. I love horses and space and I once met a very handsome cowboy form Montana. Maybe it planted the seed?

For me and my husband my holiday dream would be Las Vegas, music lights and a big old buzz. I’d love to go to Las Vegas. How exciting it would be. I’m thinking Frank Sinatra, crazy weddings, big wins and Celine Dion!

I may be on a budget but I happen to think dreams are supremely important. I know these aren’yt cheap dreams!

Dreams are about goals, they are about vision. They are about allowing yourself to hope and for giving you motivation. I am pretty sure somehow or  other I will attain these dreams.

My mum only ever wished to go to Venice and to Graceland, somehow despite never having much money she achieved both these dreams.

What do you dream about? Where would you most like to go?



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