Why you need a shopping LYST

I am on the lookout for a new dress. Much as I do love new clothes,shopping is not my idea of fun.

I hate to spend hours trawling round the shops so I nearly always shop online. But that really can still take hours, can’t it!

I tend to always have a pretty good idea of what I want to buy in advanceand have often wished I could just for example, type ‘white dress in a size 16 and short’ into a search engine and all the white dresses from all the main shops pop up at once with my size and in stock.

How handy would that be!

Well shopping like this is no longer a distant dream as this is EXACTLY what using Lyst can do for you.

Look at these fabulous white dresses I found.


3 white dresses

I want them all!

  1. Emporio Armani

2. Red Valentino short dress

3. Liu Jo short dress

The search took no time at all and threw up white dresses in my size from a myriad of shops saving me so much time searching. What a truly efficient service. In fact there was total of 218 white dresses that came up in my size and in stock from so many different stores. The choice I had was fabulous.

I have been telling everyone about Lyst. It’s a game changer in shopping and it is definitely the way forward.

You can either click through to the actual store to purchase or buy from your basket in Lyst . How very fabulous.

The more you use Lyst the more it tailors itself to your shopping habits and preferences too and shows you lists of items curated by it’s editors that it believes you would be interested in.

Now this is a comfortable,simple and intuitive way to shop and I rate it highly! I also found it introduced me to stores I would not normally consider.

The best shopping..Lyst!




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