10 Best Christmas gift ideas with a difference

Today – Christmas gift ideas with a difference

I’ve been thinking about Christmas (you can never start planning too early when you have a family!) and how presents have almost become an afterthought for some people. While the giving of gifts isn’t the most important part of the holiday, it doesn’t hurt to put a little more thought into the things you give to loved ones.

I’ve pondered on the idea of truly unusual or personal Christmas gifts and come up with 10 that I think will impress even the most Grinch-like recipients, so take a look and see which you like the sound of the most.


10 Christmas gift ideas with a difference

Make your own mug

Reindeer thumbprint mugs are the cutest Christmas gift idea and help you r child paly a unique part in gift giving. 


Afternoon tea at an upmarket restaurant

Not every gift has to last a lifetime to be a real treat, so how about treating a loved one to afternoon tea at a fancy hotel or restaurant? The Savoy in London, one of the most iconic hotels in the capital, is famous for its Champagne afternoon tea – and what a lovely thing to be able to say that you’ve enjoyed at least once.


Monogrammed pashminas

Everyone seems to know an aspiring fashionista and while it would be lovely to be able to afford a monogrammed Burberry wrap for anybody that wants one, why not take inspiration from the idea and have a less-expensive scarf personalised? It’s unlikely that anyone will have the exact same one and it will be a real talking point.


Unexpected holidays

If a loved one is in need of a holiday but can’t seem to find the motivation to book one, do it for them. Whether it’s a short city break or a long-haul package deal, there’s a surprise holiday to suit every budget and level of wanderlust. Craig Duncan, a representative of www.holidayhypermarket.co.uk, says: ‘A surprise holiday is one of the most romantic Christmas gifts you can give. My personal tip would be to head somewhere hot in January to banish the winter blues!’


Subscriptions to an independent magazine

Prove that print isn’t dead by gifting someone a subscription to an independent magazine that’s relevant to an interest that they have. Indie magazines are often beautiful and collectible, meaning that you are buying a long-term investment, some shelf art and something interesting that will turn up periodically throughout the year.


Enrolment on a craft course

If you’ve ever heard someone bemoan the fact that there’s a skill they don’t possess but would love to, how about enrolling them on a course to learn it? If you know a budding seamstress, for example, paying for them to enjoy a sewing course would be a lifelong present that keeps giving, but there are so many options to choose from.


A conscience

Do you know someone who wants to be a little greener? Being environmentally aware and socially conscious is on everyone’s radar now, so why not acknowledge that and give someone a festive gift that makes a difference? Whether it’s a handmade Fairtrade handbag, a swimming costume made from recycled plastic bottles, or even a biodegradable yoga mat, presents like these show that you care for the planet as well as the person you’re gifting.



Meaningful prints

Show how well you know somebody by commissioning a print that is deeply personal to them. From a star map of the time they gave birth to a quirky poster of their favourite film, there are countless ways to prove that you really love somebody and listen to them. Go the extra mile and buy a frame, too!


Keepsake books

A rare edition of a favourite book is a present that will never date or get less special. You don’t have to plump for a first edition or anything, but seeking out a limited-edition cover, a collector’s box set or a version that has been illustrated is a beautiful idea.


A luxury version of something essential

Is there something that your gift recipient uses every day? How about giving them a really gorgeous or opulent version, to add a little sparkle to normal life? For a writer, an incredible pen or specially made journal would be a wonderful treat that would bring a smile each time it was used.

Or, you can give a stainless steel pocket watch to someone who has a more classical taste in accessories.



A day of your time

Modern life is busy, especially when families start happening and jobs stay hectic, which is why I think gifting somebody special an uninterrupted day of your time would be an incredible gift. What you get up to will be their choice, but just being able to spend quality time together, without the stresses of real life getting in the way would be amazing with any family member or treasured friend.

There’s no excuse for rushing out last minute and just buying toiletries for anybody now, so which of these ideas was your favourite and do you have a recipient in mind already? More to the point, which if these gifts would YOU most like to receive?


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