10 Must-Try Interior Design Trends for a Modern Home in 2023

It’s one thing deciding to redesign your home, it’s another coming up with some actual ideas. It can be frustrating when you just can’t think of what to do, and sometimes all you need is a little inspiration – that’s why we’re here.

As we get stuck into 2023, it’s time to start thinking about interior design trends that will fit perfectly with the modern home. Here are our 10 favourite must-try interior design trends for a modern home in 2023.


Modern Home in 2023


Natural materials

The trend towards sustainable living is becoming increasingly popular, with an emphasis on natural, sustainably sourced materials including wood, clay, and stone. Incorporating natural materials into your home design can be a great way of adding texture and a slightly more dynamic feel – especially important in modern environments.


Bold colours

While neutral colours have been quite popular in recent years, in 2023 we’re already seeing a trend towards bold, vibrant tones. The skies are the limit – think bright blues and greens, and even some neon accents to add a bit of colour to your home.


Statement lighting

The way that light affects the feel of a space is massively significant, and in 2023, lighting will be more than just a functional necessity. Statement lighting fixtures, like oversized pendant lights or wooded hand-sculpted lamps, can add a certain je ne sais quoi to any space.



Mixed metals

Mixing different metals and their unique colours has been a popular trend in recent years. Combining a variety of metallic finishes, whether gold, silver, or bronze, can add a really beautiful aesthetic to any room.



Curtains are an often overlooked aesthetic tool in interior design. People are starting to play with cafe curtains and other unique options from suppliers like Woodyatt Curtains, to find a playful solution for dressing their windows.


Biophilic design

Biophilic design, which consists of bringing living elements into interior spaces, is already gaining popularity in 2023. Think living walls of flowers, small potted trees, and even indoor gardens to bring the natural world inside. 

If you like the idea of introducing greenery to your home, but don’t necessarily want the hassle of having to constantly maintain the plants, there are also a ton of easy-fitting artificial alternatives. UK suppliers such as Grass Warehouse offer green wall panels and even turf rolls that can be fitted vertically for an impressive feature wall.



You’ll likely have heard of minimalism, but have you heard of maximalism? If not, it’s one to look out for, already making a comeback in 2023. People are going with bold patterns, mixed textures, and massive pieces of furniture to create a cosy, impressively eclectic vibe.


Organic shapes

Purely sharp-angled interiors are going out of style – organic shapes will be a key design element as we move forward into 2023. Look for furniture with gently curved lines and naturally inspired shapes to add a sense of fluidity to your home.


Retro inspiration

Modernity lies partly in looking back to previous styles that hit the mark. Retro-inspired design trends are making a comeback, with a focus on 70s-inspired design elements such as shag rugs and, as mentioned before, earthy tones.


Interior Design Trends for a Modern Home in 2023


Finally, there’s no such thing as a one-solution-fits-all style when it comes to interior design – as a result, in 2023, customisation will be key. Look for customisable furniture, lighting, and decor to create a truly personalised space that reflects your unique style.


These 10 interior design trends for a modern home in 2023 are all about adding warmth, personality, and sustainability to your home. From bold colours to biophilic design, there’s something in here for absolutely everyone.


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