10 play ideas for babysitters and kids

So you have found a reputable childcare agency and hired a baby sitter. You have checked references , introduced the new babysitter to your kids and you are happy and ready to go out and leave them to it.

Your child asks you what they are going to do with the baby sitter and the baby sitter asks you for some suggestions too. Rather than having to rack your brains I have drawn you up a list. Here are 10 play ideas for babysitters and kids.

Story making. Making up stories is so much fun and can include the use of story stones, fancy dress props and a big dose of imagination. My daughter likes to make up stories about her Lego or her cuddly toys, pretty much anything really. sometimes she likes to write it down or act it our sometimes just tell it . However it is done Story Making is great fun!

Baking, simple baking (that isn’t too messy ) can be a great fun activity for kids to do with their babysitters. A cookie dough mix or  making something super easy like chocolate jazzies would be ideal.

And how about crafting? Junk modelling form the recycling bin, making a homemade card or pushing the boat out and popping on to your tube and following a tutorial. My favourite craft channel perfect for kids is Red Ted Art …she has some amazing and easy to follow craft tutorials.

My kids love to play charades and hide and seek and it is a good way to tire them out. Games are lots of fun for kids to play with their babysitters so you could perhaps suggest a couple of these?

Board games are also a fab idea and leaving a few of these out ready should hopefully be a good prompt. Simple games that aren’t too long and are based on luck even the age gap. I am thinking games like Frustration, battleships and snakes and ladders.

How about they watch a movie (or a cartoon if time is short) this is a lovely way for a child to relax before bed.

Drawing is always a lovely relaxing pastime, so leaving out the felt tips and a stash of paper is a great idea.

Lego is always fun, they could build something together or perhaps have a challenge to see who can create the highest tower

Bedtimes stories are a lovely way for a babysitter to settle a child to sleep. Nothing scary though! You can find some lovely ideas for bed time stories for kids here

So all that’s left is for you to go on out and have some fun!



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