10 Best Quick Ways to Grow your Blog

Are you looking for quick ways to grow your blog?

I have been blogging for nearly 12 years and I have to tell you at first my blog growth was pretty slow. I have picked up a fair few good tips along the way through and I thought I would share my top 10 with you to help you find a bigger audience for your lovely blog posts.


10 Quick Ways to Grow your Blog


10 Quick Ways to Grow your Blog

  • Post regularly so you readers know to expect at least a weekly post form you and feel engaged and keep coming back. Personal finance influencers are much in demand at the moment as people struggle with their cash flow during this pandemic. Now is the time to be consistent and grow your brand.
  • Share your posts on Twitter, not just once when you write them but a day later, a week later a month later and yearly. Use a great app like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule this.
  • Pinterest can be your very best bloggy friend. Get your Pinterest board set up and make a pin for each and every blog post you create and share it to all your relevant boards  I use the Tailwind app to schedule these.) This can make a huge difference to your traffic.
  • Post recipes and use a recipe card plugin – make it a slightly unusual title. I have always had great success with recipes. Share them everywhere and use a wonderful photo and this will always drive traffic. By a billion miles my very best post on this site is my easy shortbread recipe
  • Photos are key: use large, though not too large, clear, contemporary and diverse photos that will appeal across the board to your audience. I like to use Unsplash for free to use stock images that promote diversity and look amazing.
  • If you have ads try and not let them overwhelm your blog posts as this really can drive people away.
  • Do be inspired by others – take a look at how Stavros grows his blog over at Intellifluence

and if you want some support with growing your blog do head on over to 101training.co.uk

10 Quick Ways to Grow your Blog

More quick ways to grow your blog

  • Use great titles in your blog posts, Yes it is important they contain your keywords but they must also be compelling and inviting – does it inspire, entertain or inform? if it does it is a good title!
  • Check your spelling and grammar – this is not my forte but I do try very hard as I know for a lot of readers it can be a deal-breaker if you are sloppy.
  • Do your keyword research, This makes a huge difference to whether or not Google pick up on your post and I have seen a much quicker blog growth since I did this. Once you have your keywords use them well, pop it in your title, your first sentence in an H2 ( at least one) and sprinkle throughout your post with a host of other, related words.
  • Make sure you share your RSS feed or a link to Bloglovin’ or another blog reading app. It is so important to keep the audience you have.
  •  Facebook and Linked-in are great places to share your articles too and you could even mention them on your Instagram account and provide a link to the post in your Instagram bio which can be changed as often as your blog post.


10 Quick Ways to Grow your Blog



Over to you – do you have any quick ways to grow your blog?

I always love to hear from my fellow bloggers…if you have any quick ways to grow your blog that I haven’t covered then please do send me a link or leave a comment. And, of course, it goes without saying if you enjoyed the post then please share it!


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