10 simple ways to save money when moving house

My Online Estate Agent are an estate agent with a difference! They offer the same fully professional services as typical high street agents but instead of taking a large commission, they have a range of upfront packaged fees. This can save customers thousands of pounds and create a much simpler and clearer process,

Recently My Online Estate Agent undertook some research that found homeowners in Britain could have saved £3.5billion in 2014 if they’d sold with an online estate agent!! Not individually (of course) collectively but still this a rather HUGE amount of money isn’t it? You can have a look at the full research results here.

That’s a pretty astounding statistic but it does make a lot of sense.

This got me thinking about other ways you can save money when selling your house.

save money when moving house

1) Spruce up you house to sell it (I’m thinking a fresh paint, huge declutter, get rid of any pet smells, make it look as spacious as possible and as much of a clean slate someone else could stamp there mark on

2) Have a huge car boot sale with all your de-cluttering and raise funds for some paint!

3) Make your home look appealing from the front too with a good clean and tidy up or you won’t even get people in the door. Hanging baskets and a new mat are thrifty ways to make a house look welcoming from the start.

4) If you aren’t handy yourself do consider paying a handy person to come and finish all those little odd jobs you have undone in the house. Nobody wants to feel they have to move in somewhere that requires lots doing. often they are more simply and quickly fixed than you think.

5) Do tidy the garden so it looks manageable. You want offers! Not to put people off.

4) Get a friend with a very good camera to take pictures with as much light as possible of your sparkly clean de-cluttered house

5) Don’t spend too much sprucing up your house to sell it though or you’ll be wasting your money as people tend to change things anyway.

6) be warm and positive about your home and local environment as you show people round but give them space to wander and chat together too. It’s a huge decision they are making

7) Shop around for mortgages they are not all the same!

8) If you are only moving locally could you rope in friends and family to do your removals?

9) when you move don’t feel you have to buy lots of new stuff straight away…sit with your new home awhile, recoup the costs of moving and only  then make new purchases. Lots of hasty (often regretted) financial decisions can be made when moving…..plan and pause!

10) Do check out an online estate agent it really could make a big difference!



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  1. Anna Colins
    June 2, 2015 / 08:14

    Priceless advice! The research you’ve made is also very thorough and the post helpful. Thank you for sharing, you’ve saved me hours of gathering information. Have a great day.

  2. Florence Curtis
    January 8, 2016 / 10:55

    These are all great tips and they come at a perfect time for me! We are planning to buy a new house and for that we need to sell our current house. I know that we need to safe as much money as possible and for that we need to sell the house as fast as possible. I love the idea for making the house look clean and tidy from in and from outside. I have a good camera and I will try to make the most appealing photos! I hope that we will soon be moving to our new home! Thank you!

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