Ten tips to help you prepare for a family car trip

So how do you prepare for a family car trip?

Ten tips to help you prepare for a family car trip


Ten tips to help you prepare for a family car trip

Family trips can be fun, memory making journeys. In order to make sure you remember them for the right reasons it is always best to be prepared. Here are my ten top tips.

1.            Check where you are going is open.

I know this sounds really obvious but we once drove 2 hours to Thomas land to find it shut. Such disappointment, such wasted petrol. Seriously should have checked!

2.            Before heading off on a day trip make sure everyone goes to the loo. Saves you stopping at service stations within the first 20 mins and saves any unwanted accidents

3.            Make sure you have directions as well as your sat nav. Our sat nav failed once and we had absolutely no clue where we were heading too. Added on ages to our journey

4.            Don’t have a drink just before you leave (see above)

5.            Take a change of clothing and a sick bucket and wipes just in case. Nothing at all worse than sitting in soiled clothes stuck in a warm car (on and the smell!)

6.            Check oil and water and petrol ( for very obvious reasons)

7.            And always check your breakdown cover we once broke down without cover and it took a while to sort out and arrange. We lost over half a day off our little holiday and were bored out of our minds waiting to be rescued. It also cost a lot more than if we had cover already in place.

8.            Pack some entertainment in the car, whether it’s a notepad and pens, a cuddly toy, storytelling cards or audio books. You are going to want to keep those kids a mused or they will drive you mad asking constantly when are you going to get there.

prepare for a family car trip

9.            Take some refreshments and snacks. It stops kids getting grumpy and steps you having to spend time and money stopping off at services

10.          Make sure your phone is charged. In the event of an emergency you will be so glad you can make a call from the car.


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