10 tips on how to pack light

10 tips on how to pack light for you today. 

So I have been challenged to pack a capsule wardrobe for a hypothetical trip to Spain. Hmm, if  I was going for a long weekend I would really try and get away with just with hand luggage, so that means really packing light!

After a great deal of trial and error I have over the years come up with 10 brilliant tips on how to pack light when I know it’s going to be sunny.


how to pack light


10 tips on how to pack light

Here’s what I do:

  1. Pick 3 or 4 colours and ensure the clothes I pack are based around these so everything goes with everything
  2. I plan my outfits so I only pack what I know I am going to wear
  3.  I take accessories that multitask such as a pashmina that can be a sarong, jewelled flip flips that can transition form day to night
  4. Always take a lightweight jacket (just in case) but I wear it on the journey
  5. I decant my large bottles of toiletries into small bottles so they take up far less room.
  6. Never take towels, they take up SO much room. If I need I buy one there and leave it behind (however I know that’s  wasteful and have just been told about micro-towels so must check them out!)
  7. Take my kindle loaded with books rather than loads of books.
  8. Wear my sun-hat on the journey
  9. Hollow items like shows can be stuffed with sunglasses, underwear etc to use all space.
  10.  Have a great lightweight suitcase to make the most of your luggage allowance and one with lots of useful pockets.

I have just been sent a Titanium II Linea premium hard cabin case.

It is in a lovely shiny dark grey and looks very stylish. It also runs really smoothly.

Linea suitacse

It  also comes with with a TSA combination lock.  I have never had a lock like this on a case before and it does make me feel it is much more secure.

linea 2

It comes with some useful features: it is  fully lined and has a nicely  padded interior that includes packing straps, a divider and additional pockets prefect for a few days away and to keep you organised. It also comes with a  5 year guarantee.

  • Capacity  37 L
  • Depth  21 cm
  • Height  53 cm
  • Luggage Weight  3 kg
  • Width  39 cm

The medium and large sizes are capable of expanding for an extra 15% capacity – a feature which is not common amongst hard cases. The cabin size alternatively focuses on optimising its packing space with 2 inset wheels, also minimising its weight.

A fully lined, padded interior that includes packing straps, a divider and additional pockets provide more than enough way for you to organise your trip.

The case originally cost £105 and now costs £63.

Perfect for when you are wondering how to pack light.


10 tips on how to pack light – final thoughts

p.s I would always advise taking colouring sheets if you are travelling with kids as they are really light to pack and can keep them occupied for hours. Over at the Mummysphere you can find some fab free ones




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  1. October 3, 2016 / 14:32

    Some great tips here, thank you! I love to take everything but the kitchen sink, but it is so much better to take less stuff. If you are flying and you can just take a flight case as hand luggage it saves o much time and bother. Thanks for including me in here too 🙂

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