10 tips on How to save Money on your Christmas Dinner

Today – How to save Money on your Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner can be an expensive meal to make .It can also be a huge amount of effort Here are some tips to help you save money on your Christmas dinner

How to save Money on your Christmas Dinner


How to save Money on your Christmas Dinner

1.    If anyone invites your family to their home for Christmas dinner, do seriously consider saying YES. It will save you lots of money as well as effort and you can just relax.  A handmade card from the kids and some homemade mince pies are a lovely way to say thank you .


2.    If you do cook the dinner the Christmas dinner don’t get too carried away. Write a clear menu plan  so you don’t go overboard with your shopping and remember it is just one meal.


3.    If you have invited family or friends and they ask if you would like them to bring something do say yes! And ask for drinks/pudding. People like to contribute and it saves you money  


4.    In terms of shopping go out with a concise shopping list ( from you menu plan) and buy only exactly what you need for this meal) don’t get waylaid by tins of roses or 3 for 2 on Christmas puddings if it isn’t on your list don’t buy it. You need to spend only what you intend to. Christmas is expensive enough!


5.    If you shop online ( I do as it makes it easier to stick to my list I don’t’see’ temptation everywhere) make sure you book your slot in advance or you might find you don’t get one and you will have a last mad buy anything rush to the shops.


6.    The normal supermarket rules apply don’t shop when you are hungry or with kids who will whine! Try and go when it isn’t busy and when are feeling alert and focused.


7.    It is nice to make Christmas dinner a very special meal but If you stuff people too full they tend to feel uncomfortable and sleepy and this can make Christmas afternoon a bit flat. You want them nicely full so don’t overshop!


8.    People like what they like and if everyone hates Brussels sprouts  or only dad likes Christmas cake then just buy an individual portion ort leave it out the meal. WE have never had Christmas pud we always have nice icecream because that what we all prefer. Don’t let tradition make you overspend go for what you know they love to eat.


9.    Crackers…I have bought cheap ones and expensive ones and to be honest they are all pretty rubbish and everyone groans at the jokes, wears the hats for just 5 mins and always leave the little cracker prize lying amongst the leftovers. I’d advise not to bother or go very cheap and cheerful on these!


10.It is a really good idea to get some leftover ideas up you sleeve. Sometimes (because they have hit the Christmas choc/over excitement/over catering there can be quite a lot of food left. To really get your moneys worth do make sure you know how to use up what is left.

We like to make…. Cold nut roast and porato salad (using up nut roast and potatoes) Veggie frittata (using any leftover veggie) My meat eating friends have often made soup out of their left overs or cold salad sandwiches

P.s An adorable homemade alternative to crackers can be found over at Me and My Shadow

How to save Money on your Christmas Dinner

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Do you have any tips to share on How to save Money on your Christmas Dinner?


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  1. November 5, 2013 / 13:53

    Fabulous tips, We are spending Christmas at home for the first time in years so the cost involved is going to be an eye opener. Hopefully your top tips can help me save were I can, thanks.

  2. November 12, 2013 / 19:53

    Really useful post, thanks for sharing with #ThriftyThursday. We are doing Christmas at ours again this year for the whole family and we always ask everyone that’s coming to bring something to contribute even if it’s a box of crackers for the table. Every little bits helps 🙂

  3. Sian Breslin
    December 11, 2013 / 11:06

    Brilliant tips Becky. Number 2 is my favourite, making a plan is half the battle. I have written a 12 Day Christmas Meal Plan which might be of interest to you. http://sians.pl/18TPGkQ

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