10 top tips for kids’ online safety

So many worries

Do you worry about your kids’ online safety?

I think it is some thing that all parents worry about. There are just so many potential concerns. We don’t want them to be mean or anyone be mean to them. We don’t want them to watch anything too scary or sexy or  that isn’t’ appropriate for their age. We don’t want them to talk to random strangers or to be cat fished.

We also don’t want our kids to get addicted to games, or drawn into spending money or to spend too many hours online. They might get hacked via fake emails, cyber stalked or bullied via direct messages or in forums.

They might inadvertently download damaging software onto their devices. And we definitely don’t want them to receive or God forbid send inappropriate images, watch self harming tik toks and so on and so on.  So much of the internet is unregulated too,

Oh my goodness ,we all just have SO MANY WORRIES, don’t we? And the internet is so accessible from our kids’ phones and laptops, items we can’t just ban because they need them for their homework and for safety and communication too.



10 top tips for kids' online safety


Real concerns

And these worries are NOT unfounded – we know all these things happen because we read about them all the time and because we too experience them. We inadvertently open mail and read things we wish we hadn’t or do an image search and wish we could wash what we find from our memories And those games and those ads can be really inviting and yes we get trolled too.

So yet it’s gloomy and it is real and is scary but rather than dwell on the negatives of online experience let’s turn our attention to what we can do about our concerns. 

Here are my 10 top tips for kids’ online safety.


10 top tips for kids’ online safety

After perusing this fabulous internet safety for kids guide I have pulled out 10 top tips which I think parents can do to really help to keep our children be more secure online. 


  1. Switch on Google safe search to disable inappropriate search results 
  2. Switch on YouTube Safe mode so they only see appropriate content 
  3. Talk to your kids about all the possible above issues so they are aware they are possibilities. Forewarned is forearmed 
  4. Make good use of the safety apps built into your device such as content blockers and firewalls 
  5. Teach your child to spot red flags such as  email  addresses not matching a sender’s name and to come to you EVERY time they are in doubt
  6. Always following age restrictions for apps and websites and ensure your child does too
  7. Keep the family computer in a central area
  8. Consider having a shared email address (or getting a copy of their emails) 
  9. Set time limits for all screen time
  10. Only allow games consoles in common areas


There are load more tips in the safety guide mentioned above and believe me they truly are well worth reading.

The internet is an amazing place and the online world is fun, informative, social and educative and used well, sensibly and responsibly it cab be a real blessing in kids lives. We, as their parents just have to make it as safe an experience as we possibly can do.


10 top tips for kids’ online safety is a collaborative post 


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