10 ways to encourage creativity in a child

I have written about crafting with pre-schoolers before on this blog but what about with older kids?

encourage creativity in a child


Ways to encourage creativity in a child

Creativity is a wonderful thing and many children are naturally and confidently creative. Because they are full of wonder and lacking in self-consciousness they will paint , sing, build, make music, collage, draw, colour and sculpt. They don’t care if anyone thinks it is good enough, they just create…because it is fun, innovative interesting, experimental and exciting.

Sadly as children get older and begin to compare themselves to others they become more self conscious and lose that easy confidence.

Creativity matters because it enables out children to develop their imagination, hone their skills, observe the world. It allows them to be very present in the moment and to increase their observational skills.  Creativity is fabulous. Mindfulness is really important.

So how do we encourage it past the toddler years?

Here are my top 10 tips to encourage creativity in a child:

  1. Buy a drawing pad and some colouring pencils on holiday and outings with you. A change of scene brings some lovely opportunities to draw and it is a lovely wind down, quiet activity.  You can teach your kid some basics, for example, how to draw a face, or teach him about proper mouth drawing.
  2. Have a stocked craft box full of the essentials and have it accessible to your child
  3. Show them you love creating too and it is not a ‘babyish thing to do’
  4. Craft along with them and get involved in their projects (if they want you too) It is a lovely way to spend time together
  5. Find some fabulous kids crafts you tube channels. I particularly like RED TED ART her videos are fab and over on her blog her Summer Crafts for Preschoolers  are just awesome. You will find some fabulous tutorial s to really inspire your child
  6. Craft gifts with your child, seashell candles, a simple bird feeder, a dream catcher. These are all great fun to make and have a purpose too. The thanks and praise they get for their gift will really encourage them .
  7. Give them free rein of the recycle bin it is just ACE for junk modelling
  8. Make an invitation to create by leaving out materials on a tray that might entice them, maybe some pine-cones, feathers, a bit of blossom and a yogurt pot along with glue, see what they come up with…invite them in.
  9. Give them a prompt – encourage them to draw the best house in the world or their teacher, or build a model of their school. Sometimes this will ignite a flurry of craft activity.
  10. Be positive and ask curious questions rather than say something is good or bad. This will encourage them to consider their art for themselves and get more out of the process, rather than an attempt to please you

Hope these ideas help encourage creativity in your home!


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  1. Sean
    May 14, 2017 / 21:27

    My wife and I are actually looking into ways now to increase the creativity in our child. Fantastic tips!

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