10 ways to make a small garden look amazing

Have you ever wondered about ways  to make a small garden look amazing?

There is a lot that can be done without a lot of expense to really maximise the impact of a small garden. Here are 10 ways to make a small garden look amazing.


ways to make a small garden look amazing



10 ways to make a small garden look amazing

    1. Paint your fences – a uniform colour gives a cohesive look to a garden and a light colour will make the space look bigger, I love a pale grey/green
    2. Consider planting vertically it’s a great way to maximize space and can really add interest and colour without cluttering the ground.
    3. Keep your eyes peeled for tulip bulbs for sale this is exactly the right time of year for them to be planted and planting your tulip bulbs correctly and at the right time will ensure your garden looks all kinds of amazing by Spring. 
    4. Plan your design..don’t just buy things as the fancy takes you but properly design your garden so as one lot of flowers die off another set is ready to bloom.
    5. Keep your garden tidy and well weeded as a neat space always looks bigger and better. 
    6. Think about colour in your garden and how you want it to work for you – do you like shades of similar coloured or do bright vivid colours make you happy? Give it some thought.
    7. Consider adding a garden mirror to your little space. This can add extra light and give the illusion of a longer garden.
    8. Think about adding a herb garden and mixing in ll some lovely shades of green and interesting scents in a beautiful container. It makes such a lovely addition to a garden
    9. Go for quality – well made sturdy furniture like rattan garden furniture , dutch tulips bulbs, and of course the very best English roses. 
    10. Attract the birds, hang up a bird feeder, plant bee friendly flowers and embrace nature. Nothing makes a garden more fabulous or more beautiful than wildlife.


ways to make a small garden look amazing


I do hope you have enjoyed this post on ways to make a small garden look amazing. Do you have any to add?


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