10 ways to maximise space in a small home

Today – Ways to maximise space in a small home

ways to maximise space in a small home



Ways to maximise space in a small home

Are you looking for ways to maximise space in a small home?

I dream of a large and spacious home which feels airy and light and clear.

My reality of 2 kids with all their associated clutter does not sit well with this dream. I also have a small house so size is not on my side. On top of that we are a creative family and always have many projects on the go as well as musical instruments and books lying around. To add an extra layer of chaos and clutter I also work from home.


Can you picture the scene?

Light and airy my home is not.

So, how do I go about maximising space in my small home?

Well, once I started looking into it there are in fact a LOT of options to maximise space in a small home- and they really don’t need to cost you much money at all!


Space saving options – ways to maximise space in a small home

  • Undberbad storage will definitely make a difference and save the need fo blanket boxes and shoe racks which take up space
  • Hooks over doors are great places to hang bags as well as towels and dressing gowns
  • Vertical, slim cupboards in bathrooms save so much space!
  • Also in the kitchen shelves can hold toasters and breadbins so surfaces can remain lovely and clear and give the illusion of more space.
  • Painting the walls white always opens up space as does getting rid or patterns/artex/borders.
  • Carpets can be cosy but can make a home look smaller too. Laminate or floorboards really do give a cleaner, clearer look.


10 ways to maximise space in a small home


  •  Modern radiators lend themselves beautifully to maximising space and some of the vbertical designs are just gorgeous and make a lovely feature too – a brilliant way to save space and sucha simple solution
  • Declutter – yes, I am afraid so! Solutions cannot always be found in better furniture – a good old declutter really will haelp you maximise your space..it is good for clearing the head too!
  • Replace art with mirrors, art in itself can feel cluttering and mirrors can bring in more light. So, simply by replacing a few art pieces with mirrors your home will look brighter and bigger.
  • Move your furniture – rather than buying something new a good furniture shuffle can bring surprisingly space enhancing benefits. Have a furnitre jiggle and see what works for you.

So as you can see there are a mix of solutions here. Why don’t you pick a few and have a look into how practicable they are within your budget and home. It is lovely to feel you have more space, good for the mind and for the soul and it will help you feel calmer and more organised too.

I hope you have enjoyed this post on ways to maximise space in a small home.


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