10 ways to save money on a child’s bedroom

Today – 10 ways to save money on a child’s bedroom

ways to save money on a child's bedroom



Ways to save money on a child’s bedroom

Today I 10 ways to save money on a child’s bedroom to share with you My beautiful children seem to grow in the blink of an eye and their likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests speedily change too. Decorating their bedroom could really be a six-monthly task and require a bottomless budget if I didn’t have a few tricks up my sleeve.

As you know I love saving money any which way but I also love creating beautiful environments for my children to live and grow. Hence why half my blogs are about being thrifty and half are about interiors! Writing about beautiful interior design on a budget is right up my street.

So when it comes to a child’s bedroom I have lots of tips to share with you on how to make their bedrooms constantly up to date, practical and gorgeous without it costing you a fortune or being a huge effort.


How to save money on a child’s bedroom

1) Photographs are some of the best artwork you can have. Children, right from being very small just adore looking at photos of people they know and things they have done ( we all do don’t we) A selection of photos framed around their bedroom is an inexpensive way to decorate and so speedily updated.

2) Neutral carpets and lampshade and curtains in unpatterned and unthemed designs will outlast many a fad and a phase.

3) If your child is completely STUCK on having a theme of some kind in their bedroom consider buying an inexpensive duvet cover in the design they like. These are inexpensive and simple and easy to change. If you can find one with a plain reverse side you might get even longer wear out of it.

4) Consider buying  a bed that grows with your child so you are not having to reinvest in a new piece of furniture as they grow

5) Also, when it comes to saving money on baby bedroom furniture consider investing in multifunctional furniture such as cots with storage and a changing station rather than having to buy 3 different item


 ways to save money on a child's bedroom

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More ways to save money on a child’s bedroom

6) You could also encourage to display their own artwork in their bedroom and their own models and take real pride in the things they create.

7) Removeable wall sticker or decals are another way to adapt a room to your child’s interests without doing anything permanent or too expensive to it

8) Books and toys can be displayed to create colour and interest rather than you needing to buy accessories for the room. More decorations just give you more to dust anyway!

9) When it comes to toyboxes I would always think safety first and again a plain rather than babyish design. I would also opt for good quality as you are looking for longevity with such furniture. Buying second hand is also a possibility if you are wanting a better quality item at less expense.

10) Last but not least remember the word NO! It can be your best budgeting friend. We succumbed to the persuasive power of my son and bought him a Thomas the Tank Engine bed which cost several hundred pounds and yes you guessed it a year later he was so over Thomas! We should have brought him themed PJ’s instead.


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save money on a child's bedroom


Do you have any ways to save money on a child’s bedroom to add?


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