18 Best Savvy Festival Money-Saving Tips

Sam Whillance, discount expert at Deal.Town has compiled a handy list of his top festival money-saving tips to help attendees on a budget this Summer season. 



Festival Money-Saving Tips


Festival Money-Saving Tips


How to save money at festivals by volunteering


If you are yet to purchase a ticket to a specific festival, but are concerned about the initial cost, volunteering for the event may be the perfect option to experience the event without paying full price. 


If you don’t mind carrying out some shift work during the festival, volunteering is a great way to access many popular festivals for free, whilst also gaining some work experience and meeting other like-minded volunteers. 


From charities such as Oxfam to the festival’s own internal volunteering programs, there are often plenty of varied roles available for those willing to offer a helping hand, such as wristbanding, stewarding, litter picking and more. 



Be savvy with your travel plans and plan ahead – Festival Money-Saving Tips


Travelling to and from music festivals – especially those located a substantial distance from your home town or city – can certainly eat up a huge chunk of your budget. Being savvy with your travel plans and planning ahead can end up saving you plenty of cash.


Train Tips


If you are travelling via train, groups of 3 – 9 adults travelling together can get ⅓ off the price of off-peak tickets when a group booking is made. Consider travelling off-peak or purchasing a split fare ticket if you have to change trains during your journey, as this will work out cheaper. 


Car share

If you are travelling via car, consider car sharing with friends or other attendees to keep fuel and parking costs down. Look out for social media communities and groups to find other festival goers to car share with. 



Purchase second-hand outfits – Festival Money-Saving Tips


Everyone wants to look their best when it comes to a festival, and whether you are packing for scorching temperatures, or a Great British washout, outfit choices can be a major stress when it comes to prepping your looks for each day.  It’s understandable to want to purchase completely new outfits and accessories to perfect your festival look, but there are ways to keep these costs down too.


Consider purchasing your festival outfits second-hand to stay sustainable and save yourself some funds. Sites like Depop, eBay, Vinted, or even your local charity shops will be full of quirky finds at a significantly discounted price, compared to high street retailers attempting to cash in on festival fashionistas.


Borrow festival essentials

You can borrow tents and sleeping bags even wellies if you don’t have them you do not always have to buy 



Rent your camping equipment – Festival Money-Saving Tips


If you are not an avid festival-goer or camper, purchasing camping equipment such as a tent or chairs can be an expensive one-off purchase, especially if they will be left gathering dust for the remainder of the year. Consider renting your campaign equipment from online sites such as https://www.outdoorhire.co.uk/, which may work out to be more cost-effective, and save you storage if you’re limited on space at home. 



Bring your own food


Food and drinks are a huge additional expense whilst attending a music festival. Most festivals will allow you to bring your own food to store in your camping areas, handy if you are camping for the full weekend and don’t fancy splurging out on breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 5 days in a row. 


Be sure to pack food that will keep well in a tent in all weather, such as dry foods including cereal bars, crisps, and bread. Fruit such as oranges or tinned fruit (with a ring pull) are a great source of extra vitamins and nutrients to keep you well-fueled during the festival.


Bring your own drink 


In terms of alcohol, check the alcohol allowance of the festival that you’re attending – many will allow you to bring your own alcohol onto the campsite only. Ensure that you do not exceed the alcohol limit (if there is one), as this could lead to your excess alcohol being confiscated by security guards upon entry. 



Bring refillable water bottles – Festival Money-Saving Hacks


Bringing your own refillable water bottles will save you plenty of cash by not having to purchase extortionately priced water from bars and food retailers each day. All festivals will offer free water points that you can access to stay hydrated throughout the weekend. 



Bring portable chargers – Budget boosters


Although most festivals will offer mobile phone charging stations, they will often require a cash payment per use. If you are attending for the full weekend, this daily cost can soon add up at the end of the weekend, as well as attendees often having to face long queues and wait times. 


Bringing your own portable chargers – or borrowing one from a relative or friend – will save money on your weekend – just ensure they are fully charged before you set off!


Be Insured

For your phone and for your tent and for your travel – becuase life happens at festivals! 



Protect your valuables – Festival Money-Saving Tips


Although it is an initial cost, protecting your valuables while at a festival is a worthwhile investment, and will save you money in the long run to avoid your valuables becoming damaged or stolen. Invest in insurance or pay for a locker to store any valuables that you don’t want to risk leaving unattended in your tent. 



Collect cups on sight 


In order to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, many festivals will run a cup deposit scheme. Return your used cups and any you see lying on the floor, which can often be redeemed for drinks tokens or a free drink, saving you money across the weekend, and helping the planet at the same time. 



Set yourself a daily budget 


It may seem cliché, but setting yourself a daily budget can stop you from going wild with the festival spending. 


The majority of festivals will give you the option to pay on card, with some even being completely cashless – this will save you paying on-site ATM fees, and also minimises the risks of having to draw out large sums of cash at once. 


Don’t buy tat at the festival

Yep no one needs it after the festival and it’s not good for your pocket or the environment


Don’t sign up for extras

You don’t need lots of extras the music and new friends are enough so keep it simple and don’t pre-book what you might not use. 



Festival Money-Saving Tips – find the cheap ones!

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