3 Budget Friendly Ways To Remove Hair At Home

If you suffer from unwanted facial hair, it can be a real pain trying to get rid of it. This is especially the case if your facial hair is thick, coarse or dark. While many women worry that they are the only one who has this problem, in fact most women from time to time have concerns about excess hair on their chin, upper lip or cheeks, so it comes as no surprise that there is such a high demand for ways to remove it.

Budget Friendly Ways To Remove Hair At Home

Unfortunately, while there are many options available in salons today, such as waxing or threading, these can turn out to be quite expensive, especially when they have to be done regularly. A one-off wax for a special event may not break the bank, but if you want o remove your facial hair on a regular basis, you can find the costs really starting to mount up.

While this may not be a problem if money is no object, for those of you who are on a budget, it can be a major issue. The good news, however, is that there’s no need to go to a salon to get rid of that unwanted facial hair. There are several effective methods which you can use yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own home that will not only help you to remove those stray strands but will also help you to save money.

Here, we look at three of the best budget friendly ways to remove hair at home.

1 Home Wax Strips

Although you may think that waxing is something that can only be done in a salon, in fact there are specially designed facial wax strips which have been created specifically for at-home use. While in a salon they will almost certainly use a hot wax method – applying the melted wax to the affected area and then applying strips before removing them with the unwanted hair attached, there is an alternative which is ideal for use by women in their own bathrooms. Cold wax strips couldn’t be simpler to use. All you need to do is remove the backing, apply to the area of unwanted hair, press down firmly, leave for a few seconds and then pull to remove. The strip will come away easily, bringing with it all of those excess strands. As facial wax strips have been designed for use on this part of the body, they are the right shape and size for use on even small and delicate areas such as the upper lip.

2 Epilating

While you may already use an epilator on your legs or armpits, you probably haven’t thought about using one on your face. Even if you have, you almost certainly found that the one that is designed for use on large body areas such as the legs isn’t very effective on areas like your upper lip where the hairs are much finer and shorter. There are, however, epilators which have a high tweezer density and so are ideal for use on the face. Visit https://wifeknows.com/best-epilator-reviews/for-facial-use/ and find out more about which are the best models to invest in. An epilator is a great way to eliminate your facial hair problem for an extended period since it will pull the hair out at the root, giving you several weeks of hair-free skin before having to epilate again.

3 Hair Removal Cream

If you would prefer something that causes no pain at all, a hair removal cream designed for use on the face could be the best choice for you. There are many creams on the market which are manufactured specifically for use on sensitive facial skin, and they are simply to apply, quick to use and highly effective. One application will remove all the unwanted hair without any pain or discomfort so that you can enjoy smooth, flawless skin for longer.

These three methods are all very budget friendly and any one of them could be the perfect choice if you’re looking for an easy way to remove those unwanted hairs without breaking the bank. There’s no need to go to the expense and hassle of arranging an appointment at a salon – your own bathroom can be your beauty parlor!


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