3 Great Ways to Jazz up a Room on a Budget

Today – Jazz up a Room on a Budget

There are a few key, simple things you can do to really jazz up  a room in your home without spending a fortune.


I am a big lover of clocks, I have my grandfather’s old British rail clock for all his long years of service. In my kitchen I have a clock from Wilkinsons that I like very much. It has a vintage French feel to it and sets the tone for the whole room.  For just £12 this little clock had a big impact.

Over at funky flash sales site Hush Hush I found this gorgeous green clock which is such a wonderful colour and iconic design it would really light up a room.  I think this would be a great clock for a playroom with its bold lettering and brightness. It costs £31

Wall Art

Art came be very samey samey or it can be striking, personal, meaningful and that can make all the difference. Good art can change a whole room and by good I don’t mean it has to be a Van Gogh or expensive I mean good as in something you have really thought about and really adore.  I love this metal picture of a red beetle  and think it would wow above the red sofas in my lounge and add a really fun quirky touch.  It costs £39 and is also available from Hush Hush

This gorgeous beach hut canvas from Next would look amazing in a bathroom and at only £20  would be a great feature. It reminds me of Paignton in Devon


A grea tlight is a fabulous feature that can really tranform a room . This is seriously funky!  HushHush £25

or how about this for an elegant look . £20 from Habitat.



The above items are all statement pieces that add a definite feel to a room and would really impact it.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to to jazz up a room you just have to really take a good luck around and find out what works for you (and maybe be a little bit brave?)

3 great ways to jazz up your room on a budget






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