3 simple ways to earn extra money fast

Sometimes we need to make extra money fast and sometimes we just cannot see the wood the trees.

Here are 3 really simple and straightforward ways to swiftly earn what you need.


Be creative

Can you host a kids party, mow a lawn, bake a cake, do some sewing alterations, offer tutoring in IT or even dog training? Why not take your creative skills and turn them into a money making enterprise.Social media makes advertising easy and you will have fun putting your talents to work.




Selling stuff you no longer want or need brings in quick and easy money. There are so many ways to sell and it is such a good way to declutter your home of unloved and unused items I really cannot recommend it enough. It is minimal effort for potentially great earnings,

Where you can sell

Music Magpie, Zapper and other online sites that will collect your games, phones, Lego, books and the like for cash




Facebook selling pages

Locally through newspapers or cards in shop windows

Car booting

and many, many other outlets.



RedWigWam are an online recruitment agency who match workers to all sorts of temporary positions. From mystery shopping to handing out coupons in stores – and all sorts of other things in between; They have a whole host of interesting jobs, all over the country.

They always pay at least minimum wage, and sort out tax and NI too.

Finding a job when you need it locally is easy this way and the process of joining is simple and straightforward. Joining is easy there are no big forms or applications to complete – you then get matched to jobs in your area – and you get paid within a week. Perfect for when you need to make a bit of extra money fast.


I’d love to hear how you have earned money quickly when you have needed it. Do let me know in the comments below.



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